‘The Bachelorette’ 2019: Hannah Brown Admits Relationship With Jed Had Issues Before Ex-Girlfriend Information

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Hannah Brown of The Bachelorette is speaking out about her relationship with ex-fiance Jed Wyatt. It turns out that his ex-girlfriend wasn’t their only issue. It was revealed that Jed left a girlfriend at home to join the show. He didn’t even tell her they were done. Instead, he made her think he was coming back for her.

Now, Hannah Brown is sharing that her relationship with Jed had other issues. It sounds like they were doomed either way. Because of this, who knows if they would have made it in the long run.

Hannah Brown talks about issues

People shared that Hannah Brown shared some about the problems. Here is what she had to say to them.

“It was hard right off the bat. We loved each other, but it wasn’t as perfect as I thought it would be.”

Any relationship that has to stay hidden isn’t an easy one. This one started out with a lot of difficult issues along the way. So Hannah and Jed still tried for a little bit.


Hannah talks about her parent’s thoughts on Jed

Viewers could tell that Hannah Brown’s parents didn’t care for Jed. It turns out that this really bothered her. The thing is that isn’t what any of Hannah and Jed’s relationship problems were about. Here is what she had to say about it all.

“I felt like my parents were looking at the [situation] financially and that really upset me. And I could tell there was something more, but they wouldn’t say anything. I think there were already rumors [that Wyatt had a girlfriend when he went on the show]. They were worried, but they had no proof so they didn’t want to say anything.”

Hannah also admitted that she didn’t even tell her parents her choice for three days. That way she could enjoy her time with Jed. If Hannah had told them right away, they would have told her their thoughts. You have to wonder if they are telling her “I told you so” now.

She went on to explain that Jed felt like she didn’t validate him enough. She also had a hard time giving up Tyler, who she cared about. Hannah says Jed wasn’t near as “secure and confident” as she thought. Those are things she was attracted to. Hannah and Jed sound like they just weren’t meant to be.

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