Jade Roper Tolbert Interacts With Fans And Settles On Her Baby’s Name

Jade Roper Tolbert baby brooks

Jade Roper Tolbert and her husband reached out and engaged with their fans over the choice of a name for their new baby. After accepting plenty of name suggestions, they ran a poll, and fans could vote on their favorites. Well, it looks like all of this interactive fun helped them finally make as a choice. One of those, Tanner had earmarked as a great name for a little boy.

Jade Roper’s baby arrived during an accidental home birth

TV Shows Ace reported on July 31, that Jade Roper’s baby came in a rush. Actually, “Jade Roper shared now that her water broke at home but they never made it to the hospital.” It was a bit of a shock for Jade, and we noted, Jade said, “It was one of the scariest moments of my life because I felt so out of control. But Tanner, Tanner’s mom, my mom, and the medics and firefighters kept me going. ”

Well, with that all behind her now, Jade and Tanner can relax a bit and just enjoy the new addition to their family. Already, a few photos of the baby boy came out.  The couple shared their first family of four photos, and luckily it looks like big sister Emmy’s there for it. Tanner shared a photo of him with his newborn son, and captioned it, “Me and my lil’ homie…”


The baby gets a name and Bachelor Nation fans were involved

The Instagram polls run by Jade and Tanner got a lot of approval from Bachelor Nation fans. Names for boys and girls were suggested and much-discussed, as you can imagine. From Brooks to Reed and Easton were just a few names suggested for boys. Mind you, one fan felt that a boy called Brooks and a daughter called Emmerson might sound a bit like a “country band.” Other suggested names included “Everett (Rhett) or Finnegan (Finn),” and Jack or Patrick.

Finally, Tanner narrowed it down to four top names, and eventually, we got a name reveal. Jade Roper posted a photo of the new baby boy. They made the official announcement that his name is Brooks. Actually, his full name is Brooks Easton Tolbert. Tanner said that he’s the “sweetest baby and we are soaking in every single moment!”


Fans react to final name choice by Tanner and Jade Roper

Of course, the journey of this baby involved fans, who even got all the details of the unexpected birth from Jade. They felt a part of this whole event. Thrilled with the name choices, most of them were happy. Some, not so happy and still hoped for Reed or Reid. Nevertheless, many fans loved the final choice. One of them predicted that soon every second celeb with a boy will also choose Brooks! Well, that could also extend to every second boy born to Bachelor Nation fans, as well.

What did you think of the name choices by Jade Roper Tolbert and Tanner for their new baby boy? Did you take part in the poll on Instagram? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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