‘The Little Couple’ Preview: Jen Arnold Faces Surgery, Family’s Very Concerned

he Little Couple Jen Arnold

The Little Couple return to our screens via TLC this coming Tuesday. The previews are out, and we see the family enjoying Florida. But, the main cloud on the horizon involves Jen Arnold who needs hip replacement surgery. Obviously, any surgery carries risks, but for Jen, this is her 35th time under the knife. Plus she has complications from her dwarfism. The family’s concerned about it as she prepares herself for the ordeal.

The Little Couple preview shows Bill and Jens worries

In the preview for the upcoming season from TLC, we see on Facebook that the family settled into Flordia, and the kids are doing well. While the family enjoy special moments at the beach and watching the kids grow, they treasure what they have now. Because of the surgery on their minds, both of them worry about the future. Both of them mention that 35 times under the knife is maybe one too many times. They are both well aware of the dangers. But, as Bill says, Jen’s hip is so bad, it’s a miracle it hasn’t “crumbled” completely.

Finally, the day comes, and Bill says how much he hates to see her go through this. But for Jen, if she doesn’t undergo the operation, then she might never walk again. As a mother and a doctor in her own right, mobility’s important to her. In her case, Bustle reminds us that Jen of The Little Couple suffers from a “rare type of dwarfism called Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia Type Strudwick.” The Genetics Home Reference website, notes that among many other issues, the condition can cause “an abnormality of the hip joint that causes the upper leg bones to turn inward (coxa vara), and an inward- and upward-turning foot…Arthritis may develop early in life.


What’s involved in Jen’s hip surgery?

Well, we don’t know for sure if any of the other issues with her dwarfism will affect how they carry out the surgical procedure. However, generally, WebMD explains it’s often a last resort operation for patients with hip problems. They explain that the procedure’s carried out under “general anesthesia.” They add, “next, the ball portion of the joint is removed by cutting the thighbone with a saw. Then an artificial joint is attached to the thighbone using either cement or a special material that allows the remaining bone to attach to the new joint.” After that, they fix up the other side of the joint, and sew you up again.

Presumably, it takes lots of therapy and exercise under supervision before you get well again. For The Little Couple, the concern seems more related to the fact that this time is the 35th time under the knife. Their concerns are probably very real. General Medical News reports that “Overall, general anesthesia is very safe. Even particularly ill patients can be safely anesthetized. It is the surgical procedure itself which offers the most risk.” However, “older adults and those undergoing lengthy procedures are most at risk of negative outcomes. These outcomes can include postoperative confusion, heart attack, pneumonia, and stroke.”

What do you think about Jen Arnold needing hip replacement surgery? Do think she’s right to be nervous after 34 surgeries in the past? Will she get through and make a full recovery? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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