’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way,’ Evelin Posts Throwback Video with Corey, Makes Believe It’s Current

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Corey Evelin

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way still airs on TLC and the cast are careful about sharing spoilers. However, it’s not really easy to tell if what they post is current or not. Technically, under their contract, they cannot give the outcome away, so fans must watch the show to find out. However, fans pour over Instagram looking for clues. Now, Evelin posted up a video and she claims it’s a throwback. However, fans seem uncertain and some think it is current.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way – Evelin may have already hinted they are together

On Tuesday, TV Shows Ace reported that Evelin may have let it slip that they are together. In our report, we noted, “While many fans speculate that the couple’s still together, and has been for years, we simply don’t know for certain.” Plus, we also noted that “Corey’s pretty good at keeping his lips zipped.” However, as Evelin’s a bit of a fiery character, she could let something slip in a fit of temper.

We also noted that in an Instagram Story, she wrote, “You all shouldn’t hate me for having a man that loves me and does everything for me.” Evelin added, “You should take notes and find one for yourself instead of hating.” Well, the fact she talks about him loving her and doing everything for her implies he’s still around, doing just that. However, once again that’s mainly speculation as Evelin’s English is not perfect.

Throwback video gets questioned as current

90 Day Fiance fans got treated to a romantic video of Corey and Evelin dancing on the deck of the bar in Engabao. It’s very beautiful and gives the lie to everything third-world being ugly. The sunset’s in the background and the couple is obviously attracted to each other. Corey looks happy and who can blame him?

Evelin captioned it with, “When you have sunsets like this, ocean for a backyard, cold beer and a hot man. Don’t get crazy it’s a throwback, we have a contract and u guys will find out what happens during our season. All u people saying their’s (sic) no love, well news to u there was and there always be love in here. This is just one of so many sunset dance party’s in my little Engabao.” Well, some people were not so sure it was a throwback.


Many fans believe Corey is in Ecuador

Despite constant denials and evasive answers to questions, many 90 Day Fiance fans believe Corey and Evelin are together. In fact, they believe they’ ve been together for years and some wonder why they even feature on the show. This prompted one fan,@amazingme09 to write, “Killing me with “It’s a throwback.”😭😭 we know it’s current. I’m ready to hear about the update on you guys. Love the sunset 😍.”

But others thought maybe it really was not current as Corey looks far too clean-cut and neat in the video. Another noted, “I don’t think [it’s] current cause cory changed a lot with his looks. That maybe looks like when he first went. He’s all scruffy now.” That’s a very good point as we do see that he looks older on the show.

However, as Evelin says, we have to wait and see what happens rather than speculate on current or throwback videos. But, isn’t that all part of the fun? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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