‘OutDaughtered’: Fans Play Quint Guessing Games – Which Busby Twin Is That?


OutDaughtered‘s current season ends very soon, and fans will have to wait for months before they see the quints and big sister Blayke again. But take heart, because their parents Adam and Danel Busby share quite a lot of the girls on Instagram and on their YouTube channel, It’s A Buzz World. In the meantime, fans visited Danielle Busby’s Instagram and ended up playing a guessing game about which twin is that?

OutDaughtered Busby girls grow up so fast

Maybe because we watch the season retrospectively, when we see the kids on Instagram, it seems they grew up overnight. Now, as the girls grow a bit older, their different personalities really start to stand out. Fans of the TLC show know that Danielle and Adam birthed the first set of all-female quints in the USA. Of those, they have three fraternal triplets, and the twins, Olivia and Ava, who are identical.

Now four-years-old, it seems impossible to tell Ava and Olivia apart. Many fans examine them closely to find the finest details that tell them apart. Others simply have no idea how to differentiate them. On occasion, we hear on the show or via Instagram, tips and tricks to tell them apart. Mind you, most OutDaughtered fans battle just to tell any of the girls apart. Of course, Hazel’s easy enough as she wears her glasses and has reddish hair. The other four present some difficulties, especially when they’re all running around. However, none more so than twins.

Danielle Busby posts a photo of the twins

On Saturday, Danielle posted a photo on her Instagram. It showed the twins, Ava and Olivia, out with her. She captioned it with, “shopping with the twinkies.” On a side note, she tagged their location at the Houston Garden Center. That helps establish the theory by TV Shows Ace that they never relocated to Dallas. The picture showed the two girls looking angelic, sitting in the nursery. Both of them wore identical pink and white frocks and shoes. One of them wore a big bow in her hair.

Maybe the big bow helps even Danielle with quick OutDaughtered identification? Anyway, fans immediately started talking about the twins and how to tell them apart. Most of them were able to establish that the girls were the identical twins Ava and Olivia. But just which was which presented more of a challenge.

Fans ask in guessing game – ‘Which twin is that?’

Obviously, the question of “which twin is that?” came up. One follower, okayminter, noted, “even their smiles are the same.” Another said, “So cute! Ava and Lulu!” That confused another follower who needed clarification on ‘Lulu.’ Meanwhile, mjoy44 commented, “Wow, I can really tell an obvious difference between the two in this pic! Of course, I still don’t know who is who. Lol 🙈.” Another user explained that “Ava is the one with the bow.”

One OutDaughtered fan made it pretty clear most people still can’t figure the two. Here’s what devorerosemarie said: “These are the 2 twins? I always get them mixed up, Ava and Olivia. I will have to write it down in note book. All the girls are beautiful and it must be fun to see each individual personality God has inspired inside of them.”


Other people also played the guessing game, but most people just noted how beautiful and cute girls are as they start growing up. What do you think about the twins and the guessing game on “which twin is that?” Do you know how to tell them apart? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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