‘Counting On’: Jinger Vuolo Shares Felicity Exploring Her Boundaries, Spacial Awareness

Counting On fans know that Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo now live in Los Angeles. We’ve already seen photos of the family out and about at games and restaurants. Plus, they shared some church vids and pictures. Now, Jinger took to her Instagram Stories to share a cute clip of Felicity exploring her boundaries.

Counting On‘s Felicity Vuolo’s learning boundaries and spatial awareness

Felicity arrived in Jinger and Jeremy’s world a year ago. Actually, the cute little girl turns one-year-old in a few days time. We saw her crawling, the pulling herself up, and now we see her getting into spacial awareness. According to Scholastic. com, “Spatial concepts such as a sense of distance are learned through movement and exploration.” That’s when kids figure out where things are in relation to them.

A child might reach for a block, throw it and then go and get it.¬† Distance in relation to babies is import, as they learn boundaries. In a cute video that Jinger shared with Counting On fans, we see Felicity learning about where the object is, and factoring height and distance. This is nothing astonishing, but it’s interesting to see the pretty little girl literally soaking up the information. In fact, she’s smiling and loving the experience.

Felicity Vuolo thoroughly enjoys a piece of paper

In the clip, we see Felicity holding a piece of paper as she sits on the carpet above a small stair. The delightful child waves it around and examines the paper, totally thrilled with it. Next, she throws it down the stairs. Obviously, this is also a hugely fun thing to do as she smiles so brightly. But then, she crawls forward, bend down quite perilously over the stair, and picks it up again.

Don’t worry though, people are keeping her safe so she doesn’t fall face-first off the ledge! The pictures cropped from the video show Counting On fans, that from Felicity’s perspective, learning not to fall over and knowing her boundaries is great fun. Fans of the Duggar family love seeing these milestones and Felicity fast became a favorite of the TLC show.

Counting On: Felicity Vuolo
Image credits – Jinger Vuolo | Instagram Stories

Other news about Jinger Vuolo and the family

With it being Felicity’s birthday week, it time for the grandparents to visit California. Actually, in the story, it was granddad hovering make sure she never fell. Jinger posted a nice photo of them on her page. That one, she captioned with, “Grandma & Grandpa in town for Birthday Week!”


What do you think about cute little Felicity Vuolo exploring her boundaries and her growing spacial awareness? Do you enjoy watching¬† Jinger Vuolo’s baby growing up? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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