Dorit Kemsley ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Star Is Finally Talking About Lawsuit

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Dorit Kemsley had to be quiet on this season of RHOBH about the lawsuit against her for legal reasons. The reality star and her husband are being sued over her swimwear line ‘Beverly Beach by Dorit.’

Dorit Kemsley Talks About How The Lawsuit Has Hurt Her Company

An article on All About TRH says she’s finally talking about it and revealing her thoughts. Talking to her husband on the show and in the confessional, she made some comments about how it’s affected her.

She said the lawsuit has had a “devastating effect of Beverly Beach.” Dorit Kemsley explained that because of it she, “had to start over from scratch.” The lawsuit meant she had to get new manufacturers.

On the show, she talked to her husband explaining, “What really irritates me is that, because there are some things in the press about the Beverly Beach lawsuit, which clearly I can’t discuss because we are in a lawsuit, Camille almost wants to throw little digs.”

Why Was The Real Housewives Couple Sued Over Bathing Suit Line?

The lawsuit comes from a former business partner. Ryan Horne said he fronted over two hundred thousand dollars to help start the swimsuit line.

He claims he wasn’t paid back when the line started making money. When Dorit Kemsley and the ladies of Real Housewives went to the Bahamas, a video emerged. A woman can be heard screaming at her over the lawsuit.

The video didn’t air on the show but went viral on the internet. The woman screamed, “why don’t you pay back the money you owe Ryan Horne, you cheap b**ch.”

On May 1st in a video on US Weekly, Dorit opened up about the lawsuit video from the Bahamas. She said, “I’m comfortable with the legal position we’re in and hope to be able to talk about it for the reunion.”

Does Ryan Horne Really Have A Leg To Stand On?

It seems he has a good case, however, Horne might just be capitalizing on the success of the company. An article on Page Six when the lawsuit against Dorit Kemsley and her husband PK first came out had a friend of theirs vouching for the couple.

It states a source close to the couple said, “Horne didn’t hold up his promises and didn’t give any money to them for the business.” It makes you wonder what game he’s playing at.

With Dorit Kemsley’s optimism about the legal position, they are in. Finally, the reality star might be able to put it all behind her. The lawsuit will be a topic of conversation at the reunion so don’t miss The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo.

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