‘LPBW’: Tori Roloff Reveals Baby’s Gender, Not Sure On Little Person Status

LPBW Tori Zach Jackson

LPBW fans know that Tori Roloff’s expecting another baby. Of course, Zach and Tori already have their son Jackson. In fact, the little person boy fast became a fan-favorite of the TLC show. The soon-to-be big brother’s the most adorable child. Now, fans wonder if the next baby’s possibly going to be a little person as well. Tori took to her Instagram Stories to explain why they’re not sure on that status at this time.

LPBW gender reveal compared with Jackson’s scans

When Tori shared about the gender of their new baby, she compared two scans. One showed Baby J at that age, and the other showed the new baby. Of course, fans already knew about the scan, so she decided to go back to IG and explain about the new baby’s status. It seems they just can’t say yet if their little girl’s going to be a little person or not.

Tori said, “Everyone keeps asking after seeing the ultrasound of our little girl if she’s a little person or of average height. ” She added, “The answer is, – we don’t know, and we won’t know until she’s born.” Explaining it a bit more, Tori said it’s possible to do “an amniotic draw.”

WebMD explains, “Carefully watching the ultrasound monitor to avoid contact with the placenta or the baby, your doctor will introduce the thin needle through your abdominal wall into your uterus and into the amniotic sack. Next, they draw a small sample of amniotic fluid, remove the needle and cover the site with a bandage.”

Not sure on little person status, carries a risk

Tori and Zach don’t really care for an amniotic fluid draw. She explains to LPBW fans, “Zach and I opted out of that because we don’t care either way.” Plus she mentioned, “there’s a lot of risk involved with it.” Tori says they “love her and can’t wait to meet her.”

LPBW: Tori Roloff
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“Dwarfism’s tracked from 24 weeks to 32-ish weeks,” Tori said, adding, “that’s when we found out with Jackson, but it’s never a diagnosis until they’re born.” So, maybe we’ll just need to wait for the little girl to come along to find out, just like Zach and Tori Roloff.

What do you think about a new baby in the Little People, Big World family? Are you super-excited to see Jackson being a big brother? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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