‘Sister Wives’: Gwendlyn Brown Drops A Major Hint On The Next Season

Gwendlyn Brown Sister Wives

Sister Wives fans still haven’t got a confirmation of a new season for the TLC show. A few hints came out that fans speculated on via Meri Brown and Mariah’s Instagrams. Now, Christine and Kody Brown’s daughter Gwendlyn dropped a major hint about it.

Sister Wives daughter talks about next season in Q&A

Gwendlyn went onto her Instagram to hold a Q&A for her fans. Quite a lot of the questions that came her way simply got no answer. Obviously, she can’t give away spoilers on a future season. Actually, she was very sweet about it, saying she’s not sure what she can say. She asked fans, “please don’t get mad.” That came after a fan asked, “Have moms seen your dads idea for a big house for the whole family?”

Gwendlyn replied, saying that she could not answer the question, but she “hopes it’s cool.” Among other interesting questions that she got asked, she also talked about being recognized in public. She says not everyone recognizes her from Sister Wives. However, she does say that it’s completely different when she’s with her dad. Gwenlyn noted people “always recognize him.” Plus, if her mom “laughs…or raises her voice, people come at us in swarms.”  But, they are always really “nice and friendly.” Gwendlyn says she’s “more than happy to say hi.” Flagstaff’s a lot smaller than Las Vegas, so maybe just about everyone knows of her mom and dad.

o what else did she share? She is not a fan of Trump. Another thing is that she is on a road trip, but not to somewhere in Arizona. She loves mint chocolate chip ice cream and Shawn Mendes. If she had to watch one movie for the rest of her life, she would choose Endgame. She also isn’t allowed to date until she turns 18. Gwendlyn is actually 5’10” which is pretty tall for a girl. Her birthday is super close to Gabe, so they call each other their twin even though they really aren’t.


Gwendlyn Brown’s major hint was quite funny

The major hint on a new season of Sister Wives came when someone asked her, “Are you guys doing another season? If you can say.” Once again, Gwenlyn said she’s not “not sure” what [she] can say.” However, she also posted, “But here’s a hint: Yes.” Well, that’s about the biggest hint fans of the show could ask for. It is great news that another season is coming.

Fans of the show read a lot of speculative things about the Brown family in-between seasons. PopCulture mentions rumors that Kody Brown’s after getting a fifth wife. Plus, they note the slow sale of the Las Vegas houses brought financial issues. TV Shows Ace wrote on that, “So far, of the four homes in Las Vegas, three got buyers…but any kind of sale must be a relief to Kody Brown.” That came after Radar Online reported on property tax issues.

What we may see in the next season

From various Instagram posts, next season may bring us the Sister Wives family out on a Disney vacation. We may also see Mariah, Meri’s daughter, and her relationship with Audrey Kriss. Perhaps we’ll see Jenelle’s daughter Maddie Brown Brush deliver her new baby. Mind you, watching the last labor with Axel was painful enough for most viewers who wanted it over as much as Maddie, probably.

Maybe we’ll also see more about the new house that Kody wants. In the meantime, we’ll need to be patient and wait for the next season’s trailer to drop. What do you think about the way Gwendlyn Brown dropped a major hint on the next season? Sound off your ideas and thoughts in the comments below.

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