Meri Brown Shares Grief Over Death And Pays A Beautiful Tribute

Meri Brown

Meri Brown’s weekend was a sad one, as she and her family and friends gathered to send off a close friend. She shared her grief at the loss, and at the same time, paid a moving and beautiful tribute. Meri’s no stranger to grief, as Kody Brown’s father Winn died back in 2013. Plus, she lost her sister Teresa to cancer in 2006. The next year she lost her father. And, one year later, she also farewelled her maternal grandmother in 2008.

Meri Brown shares her beautiful tribute after a death

The Sister Wives star from the TLC show took to her Instagram to talk of her sadness and she paid a lovely tribute. In it, she said, “Today friends and family gathered to say goodbye to a great man. A man of honor, integrity, honesty, and strength.” Her photo accompanying the post showed that Meri Brown talked about Bruce Stone.

She explained further, “He was a true friend, and because of the bond between him and my own dad, our families will be forever connected and forever bonded.” Meri felt that she wished she could be the type of person he was. Plus, she remembered his “amazing smile.” Meri says the memory was her “takeaway for the day.” In fact, she mentioned she “can’t recall ever seeing him without a…smile.”

Grief over death for Meri Brown, but cherished memories

For Meri, who does not smile too often on the TLC show these days, the memories of this humble man are special. She wrote of the smile, saying it was “Big, bright, and unforgettable!” She recalls how he “was always telling people to just smile. What are you going to lose by smiling at someone else? It will cost you nothing, and maybe everything to the recipient. What’s it going to hurt?”

Meri says that from now on, she will “honor” him by trying to work on being “the kind of person he was, full of compassion, kindness, and love.” Obviously, she’s very sad at his passing, but she ended with “Walk on and walk strong, dear friend!” Her hashtags showed that he was a friend who became family. Actually, it really was a beautiful tribute.

TLC, Sister Wives and Meri’s smile

On the reality TV show, Meri often looks sad and tearful. So, many fans think she’s miserable all the time. However, those people who follow Meri Brown on Instagram more often than not see her own radiant smile. Possibly the show’s producers emphasize different things to give her an angle in the storyline. In real life, people love that big smile of hers. Maybe she already picked that up from her family friend.

What do you think about Meri Brown grieving over death but remembering his smile? Do you agree that there’s something good in her beautiful tribute? After all, “What are you going to lose by smiling at someone else?” Sound off your thoughts about the value of friends and a big smile in the comments below.

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