’90 Day Fiance’: GoFundMe Started For Jay Smith’s Legal Fees, Claims Life Threatened in Jamaica

90 Day Fiance: Jay Smith

90 Day Fiance fans heard that Jay Smith got arrested after allegedly violating a protection from abuse order. The media explained that it came after he allegedly broke into Ashley Martson’s house. The police advised she file the protection order. She did, but he later breached the conditions. Next, the police put out a warrant for his arrest and he turned himself in. Now, he faces deportation and someone started a GoFundMe to help him with legal fees.

90 Day Fiance‘s Jay Smith allegedly in danger in Jamaica

The GoFundMe, started by Kayla Ann O’Brien, claims that Jay’s life is in danger if he returns to Jamaica. They explain it, writing, “Jay fears for his life if he is returned to Jamaica…he is now seen as a traitor who has turned his back on his people.” She added, “they will assume he has money since he was in America and on an American TV show.” Kayla additionally noted, “that keeps him at a continuously high threat for his safety if he is returned home.”

The organizer tells 90 Day Fiance followers that Jay’s “innocent.” According to them, “The judge did release Jay regarding the social media incident and dropped the charge.” However, they added that he immediately went into detention. “Jay was immediately turned over to immigration enforcement and is being held in a jail cell as if he is a convicted criminal,” Kayla wrote.

Legal fees needed for Jay Smith’s lawyer claims organizer

Kayla feels that TLC “exploited” him. She wrote, “This young man has been exploited on national television and as any real person knows tv is always far from the actual truth. The sad truth, the shocking truth is not what people are seeing.” Kayla also noted, “Isolation like this strips a person of basic human rights and a makes a person go insane, he is innocent and he’s doing the best he can. Help this innocent, sweet, happy man fight for his freedom!”

The 90 Day Fiance star is also a victim of US immigration laws, she claims. Additionally, the organizer adds, “The disgusting part is how long the system will hold an immigrant before giving them the opportunity to appear in front of a judge. Innocent people sit for 3 months sometimes until they are given the chance to plead for their freedom. I do not want this for my friend. I have visited him and he is his upbeat and positive self as much as he can be right now but he needs our help.” She says that Jay needs $5,000 to get a good lawyer. They are asking for a lot to try to keep him in the country.

Larissa Lima donated $25 to Jay’s fundraiser

So far, the fundraiser brought in just over $300. However, one person said in the comments that they only donated so they could have their say on immigrants. One 90 day Fiance follower slammed at Nicole and Azan and ranted about Nicole’s daughter May. Another aimed a shot at Larissa Lima, formerly the wife of Colt (Coltee) on the show.

In fact, Larissa donated $25 to the GoFundMe, writing, “I believe Jay deserve a chance to explain to immigration about his situation and a chance to rebuild his life. Deportation and be hold by ICE is too extreme.” At this time, nobody knows what will end up happening with Jay.

Many people were so angry about the fundraiser and they let their feelings out. They felt if he violated US law, he should go home. What do you think about the GoFundMe for Jay Smith? Do you believe his life’s threatened if he returned to Jamaica? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I believe Jay is innocent because Ashley and her friend started beating up on him once he entered the house and during the time they were packing his things. Ashley knew when she started to date him and brought him to America that she was involved with a 20 year old immature young man. I believe Ashley is a liar because she’s been caught in lies before. She also wanted and wished that he would get deported back to Jamaica when she was angry because of the allegations of him having sex with someone in the barber shop’s restroom. I wouldn’t put anything with Ashley lying just just to have Jay deported. Ashley is a 32 year old woman who was desperate to get a man to take care of her and her child only to realize that it wasn’t working and now she’s angry. I hope he would be able to get a paid Attorney so that he can have his day in court and explain his side of the situation.

  2. Seriously….. now he is going for asylum!!!! Send him home to Jamaica. The native born women there are smart enough to recognize a user among them.

  3. He had to leave. He was unfaithful to her and thinks it wasn’t anything to be ashamed of. He needs to leave and go back. Sorry but that’s the law

  4. The funny thng is,its white people saying deport him,he a fraud,and showing such hate for ths young blck man.i expected thm not to contribute and to leave hateful messages thats why whn i shared the messages on Twitter for others to donate as i did,i said his blck folks shld help! Now we pray more will but font expect certain racist to do anything but leave hateful messages! And yr right TV exploited hm and only taped him on anything negative or bad,no gd on him.but showed his white freaky wife as vulnerable and sweet.i hope she get arrested after the footage is shown to his lawyer of how she lied on camera whn calling police.i pray that black people show these racist haters how we come together as they do

    1. No one want to kill him that is a lie from the pit of hell. Him hype up himself when him a leave jamaica and now him shame to come back. I am black and live in jamaica where he is. I know the full story. He got married in jamaica first. Do not let them fool you.

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