‘Life After Lockup’ Spoilers: Lizzie Kommes Slaps Scott Davey In The Face

LIfe After Lockup: Lizzie

Life After Lockup features Lizzie Kommes and Scott Davey again. Of course, everyone knows from Love After Lockup that she’s into him because of his credit cards. She’s not shy to buy, that’s for sure. But, when he maxed those out she up and left him. How did they get onto the spin-off then? Well, there’ a drama coming up, and we’ll see her slap Scott in the face.

Life After Lockup spoilers about Lizzie slapping Scott Davey

The spoilers about Lizzie slapping Scot Davey in the face came from Reality Tea, who managed to see an exclusive preview of Friday’s show. Ok, well we know that things were not going well for the couple and they never even lived near each other.  Certainly, there was no Skyping and Face Time going on. Life After Lockup showed her travel to California. It seems she suddenly recalled all those good “feelings” for him. So, probably, she’s after some of the credit again.

Mind you, Scott sort of asks for it because he dishes up almost every time when he can. Lizzie knows this, and the money-hungry woman seems to use him as her exclusive wallet as and when she pleases. Maybe it’s partly for the show? In real life, it’s hard to imagine someone being used like this, and taking it. Maybe he just loves being on the telly and it’s worth the price?

Scott looks forward to a gift in California

In the clip that Reality Tea wrote about, they reported that Lizzie says she “has a gift for Scott.” Well, it seems it was not the type of gift he expected. Reaching into her purse, pretending to root around, she suddenly “gives him a big slap on the cheek.” Wow, that’s a shocker! There’s got to be a good reason why she smacks him as he is her wallet, after all.

Next, the news outlet reported to Life After Lockup fans that apparently, the slap was motivated by him cheating on her. She says, “That is for cheating on me.” Obviously, Scott denies that. Who would not deny it? From Jax Taylor of Vanderpump Rules to former-president Clinton, we all heard those words in the past. However, there’s a bit of a bizarre addition to the story, as she also starts talking about how she “smuggled a ring into prison by tucking it in a private place…”

Cheating allegations by Lizzie

So, we know there’s a Life Afer Lockup drama coming about cheating on the burner. We don’t know for sure if Scott cheated, but seeing they were not all that close, it’s quite possible. What do you think about the fact that Lizzie Kommes slaps Scott Davey in the face? Do you think this is just some drama that Lizzie cooked up? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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