‘Counting On’: Felicity Vuolo’s Ultra-Boredom Shopping With Jeremy, Meme-Worthy

Jinger Vuolo baby Felicity

Counting On fans just love Felicity Vuolo. She’s bright and cute and always smiling. Plus, Jeremy and Jinger share so many photos of her that the little girl’s literally growing up before our eyes. But, for once, we saw a photo or two where she’s not smiling at all! In fact, she’s suffering ultra-boredom as Jeremy goes shopping.

Counting On fans finally see another side of Felicity Vuolo

Even in today’s modern world, where genders on the out, some things just seem to gel with little girls, it seems. If you’re the kind of woman who simply hates going to the hardware shop with your guy, then you’ll probably understand just how ultra-bored people can get. It looks like Felicity had one of those moments.

On his Instagram Stories, Jeremy posted a couple of pictures of him and Felicity. Probably, Jinger took the snaps and it’s pretty clear why. For once, instead of smiling, Felicity looks so bored, it’s really funny. Actually, nearly a year old now, it’s very clear her personality is starting to become more and more evident. Counting On Fans notice the photogenic little girl uses her facial expressions more and more these days.

Shopping with Dad Jeremy’s the ultra-bore

In the photos, we see Jeremy looking at a range of ties in the clothing store. Now, we all know that Jeremy loves his bowties and standard silky-looking ones. In fact, it looks like he wants to grow his collection. Jeremy captioned the first photo with, “Apparently, my daughter doesn’t share my love for ties. The second picture was a closeup of her face. That one showed a ‘boredom’ emoji under her face.

This is one of the best boredom-looking photos Counting On fans have seen of Felicity. You can see the two photos below.

Counting On: - Felicity Vuolo - Jeremy
Image credits – Jeremy_Vuolo | Instagram Stories

Other news about Counting On

Other news about the next season of Counting On is that fans of the TLC show will be able to see Jeremy, Felicity, and Jinger as they start off their new life in Los Angeles. TV Shows Ace reported that Jeremy posted on his Instagram to let fans know the film crew accompanied them on the drive west.

What do you think about Felicity Vuolo experiencing ultra-boredom while out shopping with Jeremy? Do think it could be used as a meme? Are you looking forward to seeing more of her next season? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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