‘The Family Chantel’: Chantel Shares Preview, Also Posts Cryptic Story

The Family Chantel

The Family Chantel comes to TLC on Monday, July 22. In the 90 Day Fiance show, lots of fans hate on Pedro and his family, believing he just wants the green card. Plus, ugly drama involving his sister also put people off him. Now, despite Pedro doing lap-dances and other dodgy behavior, fans get to see them and the families yet again. Chantel shared a preview, plus she posted a cryptic Instagram story.

The Family Chantel cast draw lots of heat from fans of TLC

People love the 90 Day Fiance spinoffs and never seem to tire of choosing a favorite couple. Many of them also choose on a couple to hate on, and Chantel has more than her fair share of those. Initially, fans liked the mega-drama and freaked out over Pedro and River nearly getting into a big fight. Plus they thought it odd and even amusing that Chantel’s mom got a stunner in case of Pedro emergencies.

Now, it’s very likely those haters will watch The Family Chantel, despite vowing not to. Even the preview on Chantel’s Instagram came with loads of trolling for both families. That could be why Chantel also posted up the cryptic message on her Instagram. It could relate to something else, but the timing indicates she expected a barrage of hate. And, she got it, especially from the immigration clip in the preview.

The Family Chantel
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Chantel’s preview of the show gets an immediate reaction

In The Family Chantel preview that Chantel shared, one clip shows Pedro at immigration. He says to the woman, “I want to bring my mom and my sister to live in the United States.” When she asks him if this is something wants as “permanently,” he says yes, to “permanently live here.” As you can imagine, followers picked up on that straight away.

One of them, Cher** commented, “I want to bring my mom and my sister to live in the United States” – The United States: NooOoOoOoo (screaming in Luke Skywalker),” which was actually quite funny. Another, Star** posted, “And we get to the REAL reason he married Chantel. I liked him at first but now I sadly think that’s a HUGE part of why he married her. She doesn’t deserve that.”

Other reactions to the upcoming show

Other reactions to The Family Chantel were not very complimentary. It’s not so much that they hate Chantel, but lots of people don’t like either family and especially the sister. Here are a few extracts of those reactions:

  • @Bla**: “If his family is brought to US and on the show. I will not be watching. They sure are toxic!”
  • @Mar**: “I think that’s not his sister! A sister will never go that far insane to destroy her brother marriage.”
  • @bec**: “ALSO; I feel like him and his sister have this strange- almost kinda incest-ish relationship and it majorly alarms me to see their odd dynamic.”
  • @Bla**: “He never stands up for her at all. He had his side chick right next to him.”
  • @gia**: “right??? At that bar he was sitting next to that girl and left his wife on the other side of the table. Wtf is wrong with him???? She already knows it was an arranged marriage, she saw that chick twerking on him and she wants to TALK? She’s way too pretty and too smart to keep going with all that bs.”


What do you think of the preview that Chantel shared of the upcoming show? Will you watch it? Also, what about that cryptic message? Do you think it was Chantel just knowing the trolling on the families and Pedro would flare up instantly? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. What is wrong with TLC? Both families are crazy but I despise Chantel’s family! The mother is an idiot and acts like she is better than everyone. She really needs to go back to school because she really is a “stupid American”!
    TLC has reached a new low with this show!

    1. Colleen I agree,but I just detest chantels family,stupid American fits her Mother down to a tea,infact that whole family being given their own show is an insult to the viewers,how desperate is TLC that they cannot offer us viewers shows with common sense drama,and not all of this soap opera garbage.

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