90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’ Elizabeth Potthast Says Andrei’s ‘Misunderstood’

90 Day Fiance: Elizabeth Potthast - Andrei

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? fans come out in droves against Andrei as they think he’s too controlling. Plus, Elizabeth Potthast also gets haters because the couple relies on her dad for housing and other essentials. In the show, some people felt initially, that the family created problems as they always seem very involved in the relationship. But, they both rely on her dad, so they should not complain. Plus, they don’t like that sometimes Andrei comes over as masculine and toxic with it. However, Elizabeth says that’s not true and in fact, he’s merely ‘misunderstood.’

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Andrei has no job

During 90 Day Fiance, fans saw that the couple struggled a bit financially and Andrei didn’t help by battling to find work. Mind you, some fans of the TLC show wondered just how hard he tried. A lot of hate went his way as fans felt he was happy to cruise on the money of the family. They actually are not as broke as we might think, thanks to Elizabeth’s income.

The Richest reported that her net worth is around 600k. They wrote, “Elizabeth has been in other things besides 90 Day fiance, and she even had a role in Homeland. It wasn’t anything huge though, as she only played a cashier. Elizabeth also had a small part in Secrets in the Snow. Even though her credits are tiny compared to other actresses in Hollywood, Elizabeth still earns $50,677 a year.”

Andrei’s just misunderstood according to Elizabeth Potthast

So many people hate the abrupt and controlling tone of Andrei and his lack of effort to step up and man up to his responsibilities. However,  Elizabeth feels that people simply don’t understand him. Taking to her Instagram in a Q&A session, 90 Day Fiance fans asked her some questions. One of those was, “Is Andrei truly being rude all the time or is it just his accent?”

In her reply, Elizabeth said, “I think that he’s just being really misunderstood.” She added, “I don’t think that he is rude. I think that he is who he is and he’s blunt. Some people can’t handle it and some people can.” Then, she reiterated that she thinks “he’s just misunderstood.” And, he can be blunt sometimes as evidenced in previous Q&As.

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Other topics covered in the Q&A apart from ‘being misunderstood’

A few other random questions from 90 Day Fiance fans came in for Elizabeth. But, there was also one addressed to Andrei about American culture. The follower asked about the “hardest cultural difference that Andrei had to get used to.” Andrei replied, saying that he “got used to eating a lot of bread…in Europe. But, here, bread is a different consistency, so [he] got fat.”

An interesting answer came when Elizabeth got asked what they’d do if they got “a million dollars.” Elizabeth said they’s first look after “charity.” Then they’d help “friends or family” if they needed some money. Finally, they’d “look after” themselves. And, no, Andrei did not dispute that on the live chat.

What do you think about Elizabeth Potthast saying Andrei’s “misunderstood?” Do you think he’s just taken the wrong way by some fans of the show? Shout out your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. He’s a horse’s ass – even his father said that he is very abrupt and one sided! She will say anything to defend him because despite all warnings – she married him. And why should he actively look for permanent work if she is worth so much and has an annual income of over $50K? As he sees it – there is no rush!

  2. I am from the same city, Kischinev, Moldova and I live in the US. Most people from Moldova are hard working. Andrei is an exception and I am sorry he gives such a bad name to immigrants from Moldova. He is just plain lazy. His wife should give him 2 weeks to start working full time or she will legally separate from him and will withdraw her affidavit of support for his citizenship. If he will be faced with a future of being homeless and penniless on his own, he will start working full time very quickly. If his wife will continue being stupid and will continue allowing his freeloading, he will be a freeloader and a parasite on her back for the rest of her life.

  3. His father called him a “hothead” and that is the correct analysis of him – despite Elizabeth’s saying he is “misunderstood”. Orly – you are right – he is lazy. He didn’t want to keep up with the house so he insisted they move out. He didn’t want to do trucking as he said it was too many hours and I really don’t see where he’s making it as a “handyman”. He hates Elizabeth’s family – was not too thrilled that his father was feted so well and did not do the same for him! He has to control everything and always puts the negative on everything! He has a lot of issues because he basically is stupid and a bully! He needs to get out of the shorts, put his “big boy” pants on and go to work!

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