‘OutDaughtered’: Blayke Busby Finds Her Heart’s Desire On Summer Vacation

Blayke Busby

OutDaughtered mom, Daniel Busby predicted back in May that Blayke Busby could opt for a career as a veterinarian. We reported on it at the time, noting that Blayke loves animals. Plus she’s a caring and nurturing person towards her quintuplet sisters. Now, the Busby family’s on vacation and it looks like Blayke found her heart’s desire this summer.

OutDaughtered family on vacation with Blayke and the quints

Danielle Busby took to her Instagram a day or so back, and showed a picture of the family all ready to go. The girls strapped in, the family looked excited and happy as they set off on their vacation. The OutDaughtered mom captioned it with, “TRAVEL DAY!! Summer vacay Texas style… Dude Ranch here we come!” It looks like they may have opted to go for the “Be a cowboy” experience at a destination in the Palo Pinto Mountains. Anyway, hopefully, we’ll find out for sure in another season of the TLC show.

The next photo Danielle shared, showed her and her husband Adam. In that one, Adam looked very much like a cowboy with his big hat on. As Daniel joked, “I never thought I’d love me a cowboy…but this guy right here 👉🏻 @adambuzz🤠 is looking pretty dang good to me.” So, it looks like everyone’s having such a fun time. Mostly though, it seems that Blayke’s having the best fun of all.


Blayke Busby and her heart’s desire meet on a summer vacation

Blayke Busby’s loving the idea of being a cowgirl and hanging on a ranch. In yet a further post, Danielle shared a picture of the eldest OutDaughtered daughter. She and Blayke are cuddling up, and Blayke’s wearing the biggest smile in all of Texas, by the look of it. Danielle said that Blayke “would love if the rest of her life was spent on a ranch and with a horse.”


That fits with Blayke’s love for animals and the veterinarian prediction that Danielle made last month. How lovely for Bayke to find that heart’s desire among the horses. Maybe one day she’ll grow up and get the chance to live on a farm with horses just like Dude Ranch. Danielle’s other photo on the same post shows some of the horses.

What do you think of Blayke Busby looking so happy as she finds her heart’s desire to be on a ranch with horses? Do you think one day she might grow up and become a veterinarian and work with horses? Would you enjoy being a cowboy for a while? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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