‘Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup,’ Megan, Sarah, Michael Love Triangle Gets Savage On IG

Love After Lockup: Megan - Sarah - Michael

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup by WeTV features Megan, and Sarah and Michael. Actually, it’s a bitter relationship with little love lost between the two women in the love triangle. Actually, fans of the show really don’t get how they feud over Michael, who’s not really the prize of the year.  Anyway, on their Instagram things just got savage between them.

Love After Lockup savage messages deleted, but the gist of it was noted

Starcasm caught some of the messages before they got deleted, and shared bits and pieces in their article for Love After Lockup fans. They wrote, “There was quite a bit of tweetin’ ‘n’ deletin’, so we don’t have the full picture. It seems Megan mentioned that she had spoken with Michael and Sarah’s daughter via FaceTime, and that got Sarah feelin’ some kinda way.”

On Instagram Stories, Megan posted that she “never said anything negative.” However, Sarah said she had proof in the form of “text messages.” That got a hot response with Megan telling Sarah to “post them.” She added, “it’s gonna show is how much I loved a ni**a. Don’t lie and say I spoke bad about your daughter when you have me blocked hoe.”

Talk about “hubby” between Megan and Sarah

Megan then went off and started talking about how she has to sleuth to discover what her Love After Lockup “Husband does.” So it seems people get “mad” at the wrong person.  Now, Megan feels this kind of trouble just makes her back into the “old” person she used to be. However, she’s so mad, she said, “‘IDGAF. That’s what y’all want anyway.”‘

Then she came back and said, “‘Stop f***ing playing with me. I’m over the back and forth stuff. From all your sleuthing I’m sure you have my number.”‘ Another story showed her say, “Everything I’ve done I stand on. But I’ll never let a hoe lie on me. Take that as y’all will. Good night.” Plus, lots more followed with the ‘F-word’ taking up a lot of space.

Love after Lockup: Megan
Image credit – ohhh_megan | Instagram Stories

Micheal the no-prize man with Megan and Sarah gets fans head-scratching

On one of her recent IG posts, one fan of Love After Lockup expressed to Megan what has everyone scratching their heads. They wrote, “Why would you love a man that loves another woman at the same time? When is he going to take you serious?” Another person, on an earlier post, noted, “Just remember, if [a] man will cheat on his wife with you, he WILL cheat on you with another woman. Don’t ever lower yourself to a cheater. It’s not worth the heartache in the end.”


Similarly, on Sarah’s IG, Love After Lockup fans don’t get it. This comment about sums it all up: “Honestly you should let Megan have Michael. you are [too] good for him you should never let anyone treat you this way and since she wants him so badly you should let him go. because trust me he’s going to dog her out when she found out y’all were married she should’ve let him go in love or not stay strong sis.”

The whole thing seems like a hot mess now, similar to their previous feuding. What do you think about the Megan, Sarah, Michael love triangle getting savage on IG? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. No respect for Megan! Sarah needs the leave both of them! Megan doesn’t even respect his mom or sister. I love his mom telling Megan live it alone!

  2. I totally agree ! Megan needs to stop dating a married man and justify for her actions. Megan is the one that stated “ I didn’t know Michael was married, and if I would of known I would of never been with him” ! Wow Megan you look desperate doing everything in your power to take Michael away from his wife and gorgeous daughters. You said I’ve invested to many years with him to let him go lol girl Sarah has way more years then you. Your just a home wrecker and took those precious babies from their daddy smh . So many men go find one that admits your his gf, cause he always tells Sarah I love you and I don’t have a gf. Sarah is a beautiful and a great momma . All hands down for Sarah!!

  3. Sarah is experiencing what every Good lady does, who trusts the Wrong man. Megan is totally disrespecting her Father. Both of them are just weak. Time will strengthen them, If they Love themselves more. Michael Is winning. Why? He has a loving, caring Mother and Sister. I know he would never want Him for either of them. How sinfully embarrassing. Diane Goodspeed TX.

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