‘The Bachelor’: Lauren Luyendyk Keeps Baby Promises, Updates Cute Alessi Ren, 3-Weeks-Old

Lauren and Arie Luyendyk Bachelor Instagram

The Bachelor fans saw that Lauren Luyendyk promised regular updates after baby Alessi Ren’s birth. Now, Alessi turned three-weeks-old and she posted another update. If you think interest in her and Arie’s baby’s dying away, you are wrong. Already, the three-hours-old post got nearly 40k likes.

The Bachelor promise by Lauren Luyendyke about baby Alessi

TV Shows Ace reported when baby Alessi turned one week old, that Lauren would share weekly updates. We noted that Lauren’s “already created a fan page for their daughter on Instagram…no doubt, many more updates will come in the future. So far, she’s kept that promise, and fans of The Bachelor couple can’t seem to get enough of her.

In the second week’s update, Lauren shared a “sneak peek” of [her baby’s] room in a pic. The little one looked so cute with a matching top-and-tail outfit and a small peach colored headband. Lauren mentioned then, that they started taking their baby along with them when they went into town. However, obviously, they allow plenty of time for the little girl to sleep during the day.


Three-weeks-old-update on Alessi Ren by Lauren

Fans of The Bachelor still regularly go to her Instagram to read the updates. Actually, the baby’s lovely and lots of people have a soft spot for them. The latest post at three-weeks-old, like the others, is written in the first person. In part, it reads, “My third week here has been a dream! We went to Sedona to surprise Dad for Father’s Day. It seemed like they were having a blast while I was trapped like a joey in Mom’s baby wrap for most the day. Which is okay, because all I did was nap and naps are kinda my thing lately.”

This photo shows the sleepy little girl with a blue and white headband, with one bright eye open. It looks like Arie’s holding her up near his shoulder. Of course, fans of The Bachelor responded to the cuteness overload. Here’s what some of them said:

  • @m.a**: “Alessi’s so stinkin cute!”
  • @Isa**: “Omgggg so cute!! Love your updates!! ♥️”
  • @gia**: “She is just so precious! Congratulations.”


Fans of The Bachelor don’t tire of the updates by Lauren

As you can see from just those few comments, fans of the show don’t grow tired of seeing baby Alessi Ren updates. As one fan says, “♥️ to u lil sweet pea…loved the book Dad created of your birth & honestly, Mom has never looked more beautiful than in those photos. Red lipstick kisses.”

What do you think of Lauren Luyendyk keeping her promise to update her followers every week? Will you ever grow tired of seeing the cute little girl grow up? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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