‘Sister Wives’: Ysabel Brown Flies Into Iowa, The Teen’s All Grown Up

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown

Sister Wives fans know that Ysabel, the fifth child of Kody and Christine Brown’s a teenager now. Actually, she’s already 16-years-old and all grown up. Tuesday, she flew out to Iowa, and Christine says they’ll really miss her. The family took her the airport and posed for a photo with Kody. Little Truely looked very sweet in her “Who wore it best?” tee.

Sister Wives daughter of Kody and Christine flies out to Iowa stay with a bestie

It seems that the Kody Brown family grow up right before our eyes. One moment the little kids play around being rugrats and the next, they fly off on vacations without mom and dad. Perhaps because fans of Sister Wives really only see them for a few weeks during the season, it seems amazing how quickly they grow. Now, Ysabel’s a young adult and Christine said she’s “visiting her bestie.”

In her Instagram post, Christine said, “Going to miss her crazy laugh and good soul, even though it’s only for a couple of weeks.” She hashtagged it with, “#alwaysmissmykids#airport #summervacation.” Aww, shame, mom probably misses her already! Parents experience both ecstasy and agony as they watch their children grow into adulthood.

Fans wish Ysabel Brown a fun time, note shes all grown up

Some fans asked where Ysabel stays while in Iowa, and others chided them. After all, who would tell the world where their young teen stays these days? However, it seems most people just asked because Iowans genuinely are friendly people. Others noticed that Ysabel’s all grown up now and as a teenager, she’s almost an adult. Others wished her a lovely time.

Meanwhile, with Kody in the picture, chat by Sister Wives fans soon turned to him. They noticed that he looks a lot more relaxed than he did during the last season of the TLC show. actually, he scrubs up quite well and looked cool and comfortable in his jeans and blue and white striped shirt. One follower commented, “Kody is looking great. Facial hair is working for him. Safe travels @ysabelpaigebrown have a great time. You guys are such an awesome beautiful family”


What do you think about Ysabel Brown looking all grown up? She’s flying into Iowa to stay with a bestie, all on her own. Did you know she already hit that lovely age of sweet sixteen? And, she looks so much like her mom Christine, she could almost be a clone. Did you like the family photo showing Kody looking so relaxed? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Why shouldn’t he look relaxed – he doesn’t work, he lives off his wives and he probably made another deal with TLC! That’s the only work he does!

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