‘Counting On’: Jeremy Vuolo’s Latest Felicity Pic Looks Like A ‘Dance Recital’

Counting On: Felicity Vuolo

Counting On fans, as well as the Duggar family are currently mourning the passing of Jim Bob’s mom, Mary Duggar. However, Jeremy Vuolo brightened up everyone’s day by sharing a new picture of baby Felicity on his Instagram. The charming little girl looks like she’s doing a “dance recital.”

Counting On fans sad over Mary Duggar’s sudden death

It’s been a somber and sad week for fans of Counting On as news came out that Mary Duggar passed away suddenly. Across social media, fans and family post loving thoughts, tributes, and prayers for Jim Bob’s mom. Next came the news that somehow Mary died at the swimming pool after church. As it’s not considered a natural death, she needed an autopsy and authorities investigate to ascertain what actually happened.

There’s really no need to recap on that story again, as probably every Counting On fan in the world already heard the news. No doubt, the family members like Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo gather in Arkansas for their final farewell to grandma. Their daughter, Felicity met granny Mary, but she’s way too young to understand the concept of her passing, so she still brings love and light to the world.


Jeremy Vuolo shares a Felicity photo to brighten up the day

Jinger Duggar Vuolo and Jeremy often share photos of their cute little daughter who’s going on one-year-old now.  We saw posts right since her birth and one thing fans notice is that she’s always smiling. In fact, Jeremy often just uses that as his caption, and he did so with the latest one. In the picture, Felicity’s wearing a onesie with a big lemon on the front, and a huge big smile, as always.

As usual, Felicity also sports a headband with a bow on it. Framing her big eyes, she always looks very cute with them on. The little girl’s standing inside and the photo, taken from the outside shows her framed in the doorway. Now she seems to be toddling around the place, but she may just pull herself up. Several recent photos show her standing up, but always holding onto something, so Counting On fans can’t be sure she’s actually walking by herself yet.


The photo captured an angle that makes it look like Jinger’s baby’s doing a ‘dance recital’

As if the little girls’ not cute enough already, fans of Counting On noticed that she looks like she’s doing a “dance recital.” Follower @reachup89 pointed it out, and they’re perfectly correct. In fact, you can almost hear the music. Maybe one day, Felicity may learn to dance. She’s growing so tall now, she probably would gain the type of flexibility in time to do well at it.

What do you think about the pic that Jeremy Vuolo shared showing little Felicity looking like she’s in a “dance recital?” Do think you can almost hear the music? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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