‘RHOBH’: Kim Richards’ Rumors Of Returning Seem Quite Certain, Talks To Bravo

RHOBH: Kim Richards

RHOBH fans heard that Lisa Vanderpump left the Bravo show and rumors started about Kim Richards joining again. Fans can recall she got fired in 2015 and she caused a lot of drama, mainly through sobriety issues. However, the rumors of her return to possibly replace Lisa, now look fairly certain.

RHOBH took a hit from Team Lisa who left, so Kim Richards could replace her

The latest season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills upset a lot of Team Lisa fans. The entire season, they saw the other women like Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, and Lisa Rinna ganging up on her. It all revolved around the dog scandal. After Dorit’s adopted Vanderpump dog ended up in another shelter, someone leaked that to the press. The whole season showed the women assuming Lisa leaked it.

On top of her brother’s death, Lisa battled against allegations and accusations while dealing with her grief. In fact, Kyle Richards confronted on her birthday weekend and that broke the friendship. Plus, RHOBH fans saw things turn nasty no matter how hard Lisa tried to prove she never leaked the story. Now, with Lisa leaving, it’s possible those Team Lisa fans really won’t go back and watch the show again. Actually, more especially now they hear Kim Richards is keen to get back on.


Rumors of Kim’s return to the show seem certain as she’s ‘in talks’

Of course, Kim returned already over a few seasons as a guest on the show. However, Radar Online found an insider source who told them that she really wishes to return full-time. They cited the source as saying, “Kim has been hanging on as a friend of the housewives but right now, she has no other job and has no other source of income.” They added that Kim repeatedly requested her job back with the Bravo show.

Now, according to Radar, Kim’s actually “in talks” with the network about making her return. While many fans on social media moan about her return, no doubt she’ll manage to maintain the drama now fully associated with the “mean girls.” The RHOBH producers want the drama because there’s nothing interesting about a bunch of quite wealthy women sitting around being polite. Certainly, as an addict, she managed to stir up the pot.

Actually, she and Lisa Rinna had run-ins in the past, so no doubt if she does return, there’s some ready-made gossip and drama to entertain fans of the show. What do you think of Kim Richards returning to the show? Will you still watch it? Should Kim get a second chance as she tried very hard to overcome her addiction? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. No, I won’t watch again until Kyle and Rhinna are fired! They are boring bullies and what they continued egging on with LVP, is NOT ACCEPTABLE. If their fired maybe LVP will come back but either way, unless they’re gone, I am.

  2. I will be less likely to watch RHOBH if Lisa doesn’t come back. And I certainly WON’T watch it if Kim Richards replaces her. I am finding it harder and harder to find anyone in this group of ladies to like as a human being. And I have a visceral dislike of Kim, as I do with Brandy Glanville. (sp?)

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