‘Counting On’: Josiah Duggar Surprises Lauren With A Lovely Date Day

Josiah Duggar, Lauren Duggar Counting On

Counting On couple, Josiah Duggar and Lauren married on June 30, 2018. The wedding took place at the John Brown University Cathedral. Early this year, they sadly announced Lauren suffered a miscarriage. However, things look up for them as they later announced another baby’s on the way. With their first anniversary coming at the end of this month, you’d expect Josiah would plan that as a special date day. However, he managed to surprise Lauren with a lovely date day this weekend.

Counting On date day surprise shared on IG Stories

Josiah and Lauren share an Instagram account and often post up photos. This time, they uploaded their IG Stroy about the lovely date day that Josiah planned. First, we saw them sitting in the car and there’s a cryptic type of note from Josiah stuck on the dash. Lauren got confused and not sure what it meant. Anyway, she soon found out as he’d planned a surprise or two for her.

The video then shows Counting On fans that they end up in an attractive place with lots of trees and grass. Josiah explains he grew up there and shows her the tree he fell out of as a boy. It’s very pretty out in the lush grass, but he warns her to watch out for flies. Apparently, cows used to graze there. Next, they show that Josiah made a perfect picnic for them and stashed it in the back of the car.

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Picnic and berry picking surprise for Lauren from Josiah Duggar

After the picnic, Josiah took Lauren to a berry farm. While there, he showed her the best berries to pick. This time, he warned her about the mosquitos in the area. While she carried her basket and chose the best berries, he asked her how she enjoyed her date day. She loved it and he gave her a special kiss.

While she picked the berries he explained his cryptic note to her, and actually, they did everything that he mentioned in it. It seems that he’s also a bit of a tease as well. When they shared the date day with Counting On fans, it showed a very loving couple enjoying Josiah’s lovely surprise to Lauren.

Counting On: Josiah Duggar 2
Image credit – siandlaurenduggar | Instagram Stories

New baby for Lauren and Josiah Duggar

The loving Counting On couple lost their first baby and that’s so difficult, especially when it’s a first baby. However, E! News reported on May 20 that another child’s on the way. The baby’s expected later this year.  The outlet wrote, “This pregnancy announcement comes about seven months after the couple suffered a miscarriage. ”

Well, it looks like this baby comes to a home where much love awaits it. What do you think about the special surprise picnic and berry-picking date day Josiah planned? Do think that’s so sweet of him? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. As we all have heard, when one door closes, another opens! God bless Lauren & Josiah! A tragic loss but a wonderful new life all in one year. So happy for them both! A lady could only wish for such a special day that Josiah planned for the two of them! 💙 Praying that all goes well for their expected baby and for a happy and healthy future for them all!😀

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