‘Counting On’: Jinger Duggar Vuolo Shares Photo Of Felicity, Gets Told Off Over Flaking Paint

Counting On: Felicity Vuolo

Counting On fans love how Jinger Duggar Vuolo shares so many photos of baby Felicity. Mind you, she’s not such a baby anymore and looks to be toddling all over the place. Jinger’s incredibly photogenic baby is so cute and fans can’t resist her charming beauty. However, some of them told Jinger off over some flaking paint.

Counting On cutie-pie Felicity always makes for a great photo

Fans of Counting On watched Jinger’s daughter Felicity grow even before she emerged from the womb. Jinger shared pics of the size and shape of her right through her pregnancy. Plus, almost daily, between her and Jeremy, they share photos of their little one.

All her milestones get lots of love over their Instagram accounts. However, sometimes Jinger also gets mom-shamed, as so many celebrities do. This time, the photo showed Felicity exploring a chest of drawers, but several people warned Jinger to paint the door. It was not really in a mom-shaming way, but well-meaning.

Flaking paint so people tell off Jinger

In the photo, the room’s got nice floral wallpaper, and behind Felicity, there’s a door. Along the bottom of the door, there’s some obvious flaking paint. Several people grew concerned about that and mentioned that babies might pull a piece off and eat it. One person said, “Heads up. Peeling paint on the door may contain lead which is dangerous to babies and children,” adding, “They might put it in their mouths.”

Later, another person also commented on it, writing, “Please paint that door before that child eats paint chips.” Then a third fan of Counting On also commented about it. They wrote, “Don’t let her get ahold of the chipping paint on that door. Lots of lead in older homes.” To be honest, those people do have a very good point. But, we’re pretty sure Jinger kept a close eye on Felicity in that room. Also, it may not be Jinger’s door to paint.


Fans of Counting On decide it’s not Jinger and Jeremy’s house with the paint flakes

It seems that these days almost any information required’s on the Internet. As one fan pointed out, their Loredo, Texas home’s listed for sale and that room’s not a part of it. So, it looks like Jinger and Felicity visited someone. Unless, of course, they moved temporarily to a new home before heading to California next month.

What do you think about people growing so concerned about the flaking paint? It may not even be Jinger Duggar Vuolo’s door. If she and Felicity are guests that could be awkward. Also, it seems the fans who told her off about the flaking paint probably meant well, rather than just wishing to mom-shame her. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. There’s always a right way and a wrong way to talk to people. As someone has said, it may not be her door to paint so knowing Jinger I’m sure she keeps a close watch on that precious baby girl!!!

  2. Obviously its a “photo shoot” photo meant to look like an old fashion bedroom/ Shabby chic/rustic.

  3. I really wonder if all the mom shamers and haters live in a perfect bubble? There is ALWAYS something wrong or unsafe in everyone’s world.
    If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything.

  4. I think Jinger is doing a great job raising her daughter. She is a great mom and people need to stop pointing out things that they no nothing about. Not to be rude but clean out your own closet and stop pointing out other’s. I’m sure Jinger knows about that door and that is why she keeps a close eye on her daughter. Jinger keep IP the good mommy job. You are wonderful , just like your mom is. You learned from a great role model you’re mother. Can’t wait to see your family grow.

  5. I am Right With The Other Concern. My Oldest Daughter Got a Hold of Some Paint-chips And Was In Hospital For a Week .

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