‘Bringing Up Bates’: Carlin Bates Stewart Shares Her Married Joy

Bringing Up Bates: Carlin Bates Stewart

Bringing Up Bates fans know that Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart married last month, and set off on their honeymoon. She shared some really lovely Instagram stories showing the couple enjoying themselves at the seaside. Now, she keeps fans updated with yet another photo and she shared her joy about being married.

Bringing Up Bates fan-favorite, Carlin’s over the moon being married

When Carlin married Evan, she savored each and every moment. TV Shows Ace reported how even the rehearsals enthralled her. “On her website, she shared photos of the wedding, but ahead of that, she also shared the rehearsals with Bringing Up Bates fans. So many people, including Jill Duggar Dillard, sent their love and congratulations.”  She also shared in her blog about how they met and Evan courted her so sweetly.

Carlin kept sharing her feelings with Bringing Up Bates fans as they enjoyed a spa and moonlit walks on the beach. Actually, without words needed, the joy and the love they have for each other is very evident. Now, she posted another photo from the wedding at Castleton Farms. It shows them holding hands and walking away to start their new life together.


‘Living the dream’ says Carlin about being married to Evan Stewart

In her post, Carlin told Bringing Up Bates fans that she’s “doing a happy dance,” because she’s “living the dream.” Well, as we reported previously, “It seems this romance really was made in heaven as their love and joy just shine out.” Fans of the couple really enjoy sharing this special time with Carlin and Evan. Amidst so much ugly and bad news these days, just seeing the love young people bring to each other’s so refreshing. Here’s how some fans reacted to the latest post about joy and love.

  • @hto**: “Cannot wait until I see your wedding on TV. Love the pictures I have seen so far. Beautiful!”
  • @yah**: “Beautiful photos dreams do come true when Jesus is the writer of the love ❤️ story.”
  • @hay**: “Beautiful pictures and beautiful bride! My husband and I just celebrated our 2 year Anniversary, such a wonderful, sweet time of life!”
  • @mrs**: “You two are SO precious! I’m over a decade older and have been with my husband for nearly 7 years. I still admire and look up to you and Evan as individuals and a couple. 💕”

The song that Carlin danced to with her dad

Other fans asked about what song she danced to with her dad. Carlin said it was “I loved her first” 😭😍” Other people on Instagram also danced to that song, with one Bringing Up Bates fan saying, “That’s the same song my daughter had played at her wedding. I cried my eyes out.”

What do you think about Carlin Bates Stewart sharing her married joy? Do you think it’s wonderful that she’s “living [her] dream? Did you dance to that song with your dad? Sound of your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I love this family from the first time I saw them as guest on the — kids and counting not sure of the #. It’s been years . Love watching this family grow .the love they share is a blessing .

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