‘RHOBH’: LGBTQ Community Slams Andy Cohen For Cutting LVP’s Trevor Project Pride Month Scenes

RHOBH: Andy Cohen

RHOBH fans know that the women in the Bravo show turned on Lisa Vanderpump and made her life beyond miserable over the alleged ‘Puppy Gate’ leaks. It got so bad, that some fans told LVP they could no longer watch the show as it traumatized them. Lisa, announcing she won’t do the reunion, or any further season with the show got some of her scenes cut. Now, the LGBTQ community lashed out at Andy Cohen, noting they cut scenes of her working with the Trevor Project during Pride Month.

RHOBH fans unhappy with Andy Cohen over Trevor Project Cuts – he’s part of LGBTQ community

What really seems to get up the noses of the LGBTQ community who follow the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is that Andy Cohen has a same-gender relationship. In fact, taking it a step further, they also now have a baby boy via surrogate pregnancy. Lot’s of people admired him for this. Plus, he came out years ago while still a student, when it was not generally accepted. Now, the cut scenes from the Trevor Project lose him some of that admiration.

On Twitter, RHOBH followers who love the work Lisa Vanderpump does, grow irate. After all, LVP works a lot with the LGBTQ community. Not everyone got taken in by allegations of her being transphobic after her ‘joke’ during her lie detector test. Many of them know she worked with the Trevor Project during Pride Month and did lots of work for India Pride as well. In fact, she still maintains many followers from those communities.

Andy Cohen accused of leading the b*tchfest attacks against LVP on the Bravo show

More than one person had something to say about Andy and this season of RHOBH. One person slammed him for the b*tchfest as being, “a squad leader of #realmeangirls.” In fact, the sheer poisonous depths of the season saw many people comment that they would move along. Some fans perceive Andy as sitting there and just letting it roll out for the rankings. Now, some of them grow angry because they feel it’s understandable LVP stopped filming with the other women.

Critics feel that at least Andy could have pushed to screen LVP’s work for Pride Month. One user, Jack McGann posted, “So Andy…and @BravoTV have the scenes cut of LVP working with the Trevor Project during pride month? Basically not just punishing @LisaVanderpump for not filming with the ladies but also thousands of [LGBTQ] men who this might have helped. Shame on you! #RHOBH

‘Baby out with the bathwater’ and Andy ‘let it happen’

Other comments include people talking about how Bravo try and “bury” the good work LVP does. Others note “they only want to show her in a bad light.” Meanwhile, @Bubble** posted, “Baby with the bath water as they say. Andy, of all people, let it happen.”

What do you think about the LGBTQ community slamming Andy Cohen for cutting LVP’s Trevor Project scenes for Pride Month? Do you think Andy threw Lisa under the bus, and by doing so, also let down his own community who identify with his gender choices? Shout out your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. As a Bravo fan I have never seen so much disgust on a housewives show as this. This franchise is not savable. (sorry if spelled wrong) Never has a housewife been treated as badly as LVP. From day one they have tried to get at rid of LVP. I clearly remember one of the reunions that Kyle had called the ladies to gang up on LVP at the reunion. What a joke “they have to speak THEIR truth. Get it, THEIR truth, not necessarily the truth. yet never to the person who they have an issue with. ENVIOUS COWARDS!

    1. To let the bullying continue the entire season against LVP after her brother just committed suicide is beyond anything I can comprehend. Why did BRAVO and Andy Cohen think it was a good storyline? Why did BRAVO and Andy Cohen not stop it dead in its tracks when it started. As a person who enjoyed all of housewife shows, I am boycotting each and everyone of them from here on. Out of all of the women on the show, LVP is by far the only one who donates a lot of her time and energy to charitable organizations that matter. BRAVO, ANDY COHEN and each every one of the women on the show (i.e. Kyle, Dorit, Teddi, Erika, and Rinna) should be ashamed of themselves for driving out LVP

      1. Its verý true l cant add to your comments it was a digusting season full of jealousy and hatered towards Lvp Andy and Bravo plus these dispicable woman should all be ashamed of themselves. I wonder if Andy has got caught up in his own little family addition his little son that he just switched of to all the bullshit that was going on hence these beastly so called ladies taking full advantage and showed their true colour’s, especially Vyle Kyle to treat someone like the way they all did and nasty Rhinna the low down snake she has always hated lisa due to her envious green eyes shame on you all.

  2. I certainly won’t be watching without LVP. She’s the reason I tuned in. The other girls are a snooze Fest.

    1. I won’t be watching anymore either if LVP is really quitting. The show will never be the same without LVP. Teddy and Dennis can go and not come back and if you want to you can take Erica while she is patting her puss lmao 🥵🥵 and Dorit with her fake accent makes me sick.

  3. I think Lisa should leave the show! I don’t blame her for not attending the reunion, those bullies would have had a field day yelling at her and making false accusations. Rhinna and Kyle are the ring leaders of so much harassment and abuse to Lisa, why should she stay? The show without her is boring and I don’t like enough of the women to stick around myself, so I’m following LVP. See you on Vanderpump Rules.

  4. Baby out with the bathwater is inaccurate. Season after season LVP hasn’t answered honestly when people question her. She has always acted entitled and beat up on anyone who questioned her. She has other shows for anyone who needs an LVP fix.

  5. Have been watching this franchise from Day1. Sickens me to my stomach what happened this season… Such bullies & green with envy those women are!!! With Kyle Richard’s being the worst of them all…a hypocrite and not a real friend at all… has constantly thrown Lisa under the bus season after season culminating in a season where the poisonous fangs of 5 women came out to demolish her with”the soo called friend” Kyle as the ringleader. Shame on them all!!! Stopped watching the show & will never watch it again with Lisa gone. Andy needs to fire them all except Denise. In this day and age when we’re teaching kids the horrific impacts of bullying, it’s sad to see grown women act in such a despicable manner. Kyle, I’m not surprised… my tentacles went up when she threw her own sister under the bus & exposed her…who does that?!?! Will never forget the Limousine scene from that season. She has no loyalty to anyone but herself! Despicable! Her loyalty is as good as the next home sale deal she can get from you…imagine the cut she & her hubby made from selling Camille’s home & Lisa’s prior home.
    And it’s interesting how she always buddies up to Lisa’s friends..

    Your time and Day will come Kyle… if it hasn’t already. You’ve now been exposed… not a good friend! Not at all!! Has never been & will never be!! Love Andy Cohen, but I’m sorry, these vampires need to go…. I can’t with any of them & their bullying antics.
    Please bring Class back to RHOBH…
    Fire them all & start with a whole new cast starring Lisa, Denise, Camille & 5 others..LVP & her kind heart and humanity is the reason m)why I watch the show. Now that she’s not coming back, I’m also soo done!! If Bravo is truly against bullying, then these women must & should be fired! Shame on them all!!!

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