‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff Explains Farm Buyout To Shocked Fans

Little People Big World: Matt Roloff

Little People, Big World fans raised a hullaballoo on social media after they heard Amy Roloff opted for a buyout on Roloff farms. However, Matt Roloff went onto his Instagram to help clarify the buyout for shocked fans. Of course, other fans who love the Pumpkin Season feared there wouldn’t be one this year, and that also needed addressing.

Little People, Big World Pumpkin Season’s on for this year says Matt Roloff

The Pumpkin Season usually runs through the month of October and this year, fans of the TLC show can still attend if they wish. Matt notes that in fact, the seeds are already planted. He says they planted three days back. So, all’s good on that side of it. Fear not, plan for it and enjoy. As Matt points out, things may change in the future, but for now, “yes,” the Pumpkin Season’s something we can all enjoy.

As Matt explains, to Little People, Big World fans, there are a lot of things going on and it’s not easy to fit it all into a “condensed…hour show.” He adds that “Sometimes what they capture at one point becomes old news by the time the show airs.” It’s all about the “production process” and Matt understands not everyone clues into how it works. Nevertheless, he hopes to find some form of “forum” in the future to address all the “loose ends.”


Amy Roloff’s side of the farm explained

The buyout need not stress viewers of Little People, Big World, either. Some media reported that Amy will no longer live on the farm, which is not correct. Matt explains that Amy’s keeping her side of the farm. By that, he means “the original farmstead…the side with the pumpkin patch” where her house is. He adds, “for now she is only selling [Matt] her partial share of ownership in the side (DW) that [he] lives on.” So, Amy “will remain in her house (and on the farm) and 1/2 owner of our original farm until she decides to leave.”

The buyout only involves Matt purchasing just one section of the farm. For those people stressing about the future of the kids, Matt says not to worry. “Who knows?” As he points out, one day the kids may decide to buy the farm should Amy decide to leave. However, for now, the status quo is that Roloffs remain on the farm.


Matt Roloff assures people he’s renovating his home

On the side of the farm where Matt lives, he’s happy now that Amy agreed to the buyout. This means he can now go ahead and customize his own home. Matt said, “The only change (for now) is that I will take title to the DW and can decide to remodel it to be more accessible with a lower kitchen or walk-in shower like my home in Arizona.”

So now, fans of Little People, Big World can all stop stressing and just get on with enjoying the Roloff family and their antics as they’ve done for so many seasons. Oh, and yeah, the Pumpkin Season’s still on and you heard it straight from Matt Roloff.

What do you think of all of this? Will you visit the Roloff Farms’ Pumpkin Season? What do you think of the buyout? Are you happy that Amy still stays in her old home? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. What Matt just explained is not at all the impression I was left with by the show. The producers made it seem as if Amy was selling her half of the original farm and leaving the main house. They showed her complaints about “living only 500 ft. from Matt” numerous times so his simply remodeling his current house, rather than building further away on the DW side doesn’t address that issue at all. This is very confusing and as a view I feel manipulated and less inclined to continue watching. I think I now understand why Jeremy and Audrey, Molly and Jacob no longer wish to be associated with the production.

    1. I was left with the same thing……Amy doing the buyout and she would move and never return to the farm again.
      Very confusing..

      1. I agree….. I just read where Amy is looking forward to a camping trip this weekend, as it would give her a break from “house hunting”! So, I’m confused, what will happen to the farm house when Amy buys a new home and moves off the farm? Seems there are many senerous to this family🤔

    2. Well now Amy can watch Matt and C happily redo the DW and Matt and Chris can continue their friendship. I hope she has to stew in her own juice or maybe she thinks she is so irresistible Matt can ear his heart out. ❤️ Who knows, but at least he is making some head way and since C does not work for the farm she can spend the time making Matt and herself a little lovenest for when they are not in Arizona. Cannot wait to see that.

  2. I don’t care how they do it. I’m just happy that Amy still has her house and Matt can fix his up so it is easier on him. At least for now it is good.

  3. I am totally shocked Amy gave the impression she was giving up everything this is totally misguided and underhanded I think they are both shady and deserved each other

    1. Amy ,is a game player and a narcissist .she accuses Matt of all her own faults . I don’t deny Matt has his own faults but she sure knows how to be difficult . I knew she wouldn’t sell , she is onto a good thing and still has the opportunity for constant revenge and a relatively easy life . I do understand it’s emotionally difficult for both parties, but she does need to work on not playing victim .it’s not easy leaving behind your home of 30 years and she doesn’t have too , but frankly she is awkward and difficult and always has been . She needs to at least try to work as a team with Matt so everyone can live happily ,after all look where her attitude has got her up to now, A very unhappy woman . This could be so much easier for all concerned even Chris and Caryn are trying and see how good the future could be if she would just stop being a bitch . I do have some understanding for this situation but she really does need to step up and change her attitude .the problem from what I have seen is she has always been in competition with Matt and resented his achievements, rather than actually being confident in her own .

      1. Amen to that,Amy is always complaning about everything,she has to start to get a life.Go away or stay and shut up.

  4. If this is true why was Amy and Zach talking about who was going to visit who and how that would change because Amy wouldn’t be on the farm any more. That Amy would go to there house more and that she would have to invite them to her new house if they wanted to still see eachother.

    1. The show finale clearly made the statement that Amy was accepting a buy out of her share of the farm and she would be leaving her home. It included scenes with crocodile tears and all. I appreciate Matt trying to put a better spin on it and that things change. If things DID change then he and Amy together should have never approved that finale episode because it was a lie. The show is produced as a REALITY show…not a fantasy show. The finale was not a reality. Matt, I feel we were deceived and the issue should be taken up with the producers. You are losing a huge chunk of your fan base because of it as is Amy and Zach who were willing participants in the deception. I know I won’t be watching again if I cannot believe what is being presented.

      1. I agree! The whole thing is a mess. Do not like the way things are presented, sometimes very confusing! I wonder if Amy or Matt would have such attractive people interested in being in their lives, as in dates and relationships, if they did not own a huge farm and are reality stars! I doubt it very much! This is very sad to watch! People using people to benefit themselves! This show should end!

  5. I think the season revolved more about Amy and I knew shew was not leaving the farm. Too much of episodes show 2 much of Chris and Amy’s relationship. 2 much kissing and hugging. I watch 2 see Zach, tori and Jackson. Sick of Amy and Chris and Matt and caryn.

    1. I am tired of Matt and Caryn. Love Chris and Amy. Some day Caryn is going to dump Matt like he did Amy. Everyone should see how much Amy is still hurt.

  6. Easy everyone! I unlike others just absolutely adore the Rolofs and am glad to see that they are getting there own .happiness now even if it is with other people. I have been so invested with this family for so many years to see how they are now communicating and respectfully dealing with all these new relationship is sweet and heartfelt. I do hate the fact that I was so confused with the “buyout”. Hopefully this new season will help to shed light on all the confusion. I would like to know when the return is on TLC

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