‘Kate Plus Date’: ‘Straight Shuter’ Podcast Reveals Kate Gosselin’s Allegedly Toxic

Kate Plus Date: Kate Gosselin

Kate Plus Date comes in a few days time and features Kate Gosselin. Fans can recall that the then-wife of Jon Gosselin started off with TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Later, after a toxic divorce, Jon left and the show became Kate Plus Eight. Now the kids are older, with the twins 18, and the sextuples 15-years-old, Kate’s looking for love. However, Rob Shuter of Radar Online’s Straight Shuter podcast reveals she’s allegedly every bit as toxic as she came over on the camera.

Kate Plus Date premieres June 10

Fans of Kate Gosselin can tune into Kate Plus Date on June 10 via TLC to watch the new show. People reported on the sneak peek released for the show.  In the six-part series, we’ll see Kate looking for love as she’s “kind of into” finding a new man.

Well, that should fascinate those who saw her thoroughly trash former husband Jon Gosselin on camera and generally act like a toxic AF b*tch. Okay, they did raise loads of kids all at the same time, but sometimes she came over really harsh. Fans know sometimes shows are edited, but it seems much of that side of Kate never got scripted.

Kate Gosselin’s toxic according to an insider speaking to Straight Shuter podcast

Obviously, many people wonder if Kate ever finds love again, given how nearly the whole world saw the nasty side of her. Can Kate find love on Kate Plus Date? People tells us that in the upcoming show, Kate manages to score a kiss from someone. She says, “The thought of him kissing me caused so much panic,” adding, “‘If inquiring minds need to know, he’s definitely a good kisser.”‘

We don’t know if Kate finally found the right kind of guy for her, and maybe we can assume not. That’s because the Straight Shuter podcast by Radar Online says she’s really toxic. Citing a TLC publicist, she apparently “treated [him] like dirt!” They explain how “former TLC rep Joey Skladany” got warned, “that she was difficult.” Anyway, confident he could overcome that, he decided to “compliment her.”

Wasted efforts, ‘nice’ doesn’t seem to work for Kate

Allegedly, this time around, attempts at being nice failed spectacularly. They went to appear on “the Today show,” so he decided to say that her “hair looks gorgeous.” However, the fail came as she never even looked him “in the darn eyes!” Ouch, that’s gotta be embarrassing. Later, he told his boss that she’s “an awful human.” He went on to describe how they replied that they already knew that.

Given that sort of reveal on Kate Gosselin being as toxic AF, is it likely Kate Gosselin finds someone to love for the rest of her days? What do you think about Kate allegedly being so nasty? Did you think some of the bad side was scripted on Jon and Kate Plus Eight? It seems what you see may really be what you get with Kate. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Dumb DUMB SHOW!! BORING.. Is she actually getting paid for this!? What a show off! She thinks its cute and its not! She is such a fool! This show needs to be cancelled!

    1. This girl is desperate to be on TV. The problem is…she has’t changed. Kate is all about Kate from the day the show started. Why TLC continues to agree to put her on TV is clueless to me. The press destroys this girl but she’ll stop at nothing to get herself on TV. I agree it was running after a program I watched and I saw her and thought OMG! WHY TLC!! WHY???

      1. Wow, I can’t believe what others have said. To cast such harsh judgments on a woman you don’t even know is irresponsible.

        Well, I for one enjoy the show. AND from what I have seen I like Kate. Kate is like a lot of other women out there that has been hurt by just about everybody you came in contact with.

        As far as her daughters go
        I can’t believe that a negative thing was said about them. They both appear to be polite and charming young ladies with much to offer this world.

        I think that there are a lot of green-eyed monsters out there that resent Kate’s ability to land another role in reality television.

        As far as the writer…I wish that you would take the time to understand the behavior of human beings that have been belittled, harassed, lied about, lied to over and over again. Having that in common with Kate I will tell you that all she is doing is protecting herself.

        It is my hope that your next story is more a story than a platform for you to bully another human being in the way that you have here.

  2. same old Kate me.me.me it shows in all the dates but especially one not sure if it was the lovely opra singer she wa told by coach u can learn something about his amazing jurney .she looked schocked like ‘what about me;??her daughters a lovely but the one who does the talking has all her moms bad manerisems i hope she out grows that not attravict.The next time something happenes like a bug or look or whatever & she does the dramact wooo
    im going to be sick GROW UP WOMAN

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