‘The Bachelor’: Lauren Luyendyk Updates On Baby Alessi Ren

The Bachelor: Arie Luyendyk and Lauren

The Bachelor fans know that Arie and Lauren Luyendyk welcomed their baby girl Alessi Ren a week ago.  Now, Lauren’s out and about with her little one and posted a photo on Instagram. In the caption, she told fans of the ABC show all about progress. Of course, her updates are, as usual, in the first person on behalf of their little girl.

The Bachelor couple totally thrilled with the arrival of baby Alessi Ren

Fans of The Bachelor expected Lauren would pop soon when TV Shows Ace reported she posted up a photo with baby updates in the caption. In another report on the arrival of the baby, we also noted that Ari posted, “We have a healthy, BEAUTIFUL baby girl.” On his Instagram, he added that “Mommy and baby are doing great, we are so incredibly happy.”

A bit later, the couple revealed the name of the baby, and fans love it. As they already created a fan page for their daughter on Instagram, no doubt, many more updates will come in the future. Late Tuesday, Lauren took to her IG again, and this time she posted a photo of her with the baby taking a stroll with Alessi outdoors.


Lauren Luyendyk’s baby updates come every Tuesday

According to her post, Lauren promises we’ll see updates regularly. It certainly looks like The Bachelor couple has no problems with sharing their gorgeous little girl with all their fans. In this post, Lauren said that her little girl made a “grand entrance 6 days ago.” Referring to being outside, she added, “wow it’s bright out here.” Next, she made a joke on Alessi’s behalf, asking, “HOW GOOD is milk?! Can’t get enough of it.”

The ‘baby’ also said, “so many things to take in…I finally met Mom and Dad, the whole family as well and my room is sooooo cute! Right now I sleep in Mom and Dad’s room and when I wake up in the middle of the night I catch Mom and Dad staring at me…I mean what are they looking at? This morning I gave them a small smile, I think Mom even cried.”


Future posts a promise says, Lauren

Wrapping up the updates on her the newest The Bachelor Luyendyk, Lauren wrote, “Now I know what you are all thinking, will I keep posting? Of course! Every Tuesday I’ll fill you in and hopefully, Dad can get my angles, because when you’re this young, you never need the pretty filter ✨ Okay everyone time for more milk, chat soon xoxo.”

Awww, that’s so cute, and actually, really kind of Lauren Luyendyk as the couple gained so many fans during Arie’s season on the show. What do you think of the cute little baby? Do you think Lauren’s updates will continue as promised? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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