‘Sister Wives’: Aspyn Brown Thompson Reveals A bit More About Her Workplace And Friends

Sister Wives: Aspyn Brown Thompson

Sister Wives fans heard that Aspyn Brown Thompson graduated a few weeks back and then she and Mitch went straight to Utah. Later, she posted about the move being “scary” as she started her new job. Back then, she never answered fans who questioned her about her new job or even where they moved to in Utah. However, now she looks just fine as she revealed a bit more about her workplace and friends.

Sister Wives’ Aspyn Brown shared her apprehension about her new workplace 10 days ago

Ten days ago, TV Shows Ace reported on Aspyn, the daughter of Christine Brown, and her move to Utah. We noted, “In her Instagram post, Aspyn detailed how scary it all is. She told Sister Wives fans that she’s “scared,” adding, “I took public transit to get to work which I love but it’s a lot to navigate. Also, I left some people who I will miss so so much and leaving them is the toughest. Keep sending the good vibes, my friends!! ☀️💛 It is all good, but it is new.”’

Well, it seems that 10 days flew by and Aspyn’s settled in well since her graduation. She looks very happy and relaxed. Aspyn posted to her Instagram Stories, saying, “Hi Salt Lake City fans, you should come visit me at work…and all my friends.” Then panning around, we see it’s a nice looking place as well. So, now we know her new job’s at The City Creek Center, the upscale open-air shopping center near Temple Square.


Aspyn Brown Thompson’s workplace in Salt Lake City, Utah

So, now we know Aspyn got a job in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, and that she needs to commute to get to work. That’s amazing for fans who might wish to pop in and see her and maybe spend a bit of money. From her tagging @kendrascott, and the fact that Aspyn follows that IG account, we can safely assume the Sister Wives daughter’s working at the Kendra Scott outlet where they sell jewelry, beauty stuff, and gifts.

Last time we checked Aspyn Brown’s Instagram posts, she only showed her previous graduation post, plus a promo product. Now, thanks to her IG stories, we know where Aspyn went and what her work involves.

Sister Wives: Aspyn Brown
Image credits – Aspyn Brown Thompson | Instagram Stories

What do you think about Aspyn Brown Thompson settling down so quickly in Salt Lake City, Utah? Do you think she looks happy and enjoying her life? Certainly, for fans of Aspyn, it’s nice to know they can visit her new workplace, see Aspyn and meet her new friends.

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  1. Congrats on getting married, graduating, move here to Utah and getting a job. Life will now begin. I have been watching since Truly was born, and have followed thru every season. I live in West Valley and I am a minister in the Universal Life International Church, and the reason I started watching was that years ago, I too was a sister wife, with one child. Again congrat’s, email me if you wish, I would enjoy that, if you have time.. Rev, Dr. P Starr Ashford

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