‘Kate Plus 8’: Kate Gosselin’s Twin Daughters Graduate Ahead Of ‘Kate Plus Date’ Premiere

Kate Plus 8: Mady - Cara Gosselin

Kate Plus Date premiers in June, and fans of TLC’s Kate Plus 8 can’t wait for it. Now, ultra-busy mom Kate Gosselin’s bursting with pride as her twin daughters, 18, just graduated from high school. Mady and Cara first came to our screens in Jon and Kate Plus 8. That’s 12 years ago already, and Kate, 44, can’t believe how the time flew by.

Kate Plus 8 family kept Kate on her toes for years

Of course, for Kate, her large family kept her on her toes for years. Parenting her sextuplets, plus the twins, involved more birthdays than usual, and rounds of sports and events. Of course, we wonder how she found the self-discipline to not go crazy through it all. Jon Gosselin and Kate split, but Kate went it alone with Kate Plus 8, and soon she looks forward to her new show Kate Plus Date.

With her children growing up, CNN notes that the upcoming show’s based on finding new love. They cited the press release as saying, “Raising eight children hasn’t granted Kate much time for romance, but with her sextuplets grown and her oldest twins off to college in the fall, the time is right for the well-known mother of multiples to find that special someone.”

Daughters’ graduation comes ahead of Kate Plus Date premiere

It seems that Kate’s now able to look more towards her own happiness and hopefully, this time, she finds a life partner. Ahead of her exciting new venture, her two grown-up girls enter young adulthood and she’s thrilled for them. Plus, the sextuplets hit 15-years-old, so they’re not as ‘needy’ as little kids.  Proudly, she took to her Instagram to share Mady and Cara’s special graduation day.

Kate admits the post came along a bit late, but she joked that she’s been in “post-graduation exhaustion.” Nevertheless, she adds “but I’m still beaming with pride!” The rest of the caption to the picture of her and the two girls also said, “It’s hard to believe that Cara and Mady graduated from high school this past weekend.” Additionally, Kate told her fans that the girls head “off to college in the fall!”


Graduation Day celebrations included the other kids

Mady Gosselin also took to her Instagram to celebrate the special day. In her photo, she showed two of her brothers and said they’re her “biggest supporters.” Of course, with all the ‘big kids’ around, many followers, like Kate, can’t believe how time has flown by. Actually, it looks like the family managed to keep many fans over the years, which looks good for Kate’s new show. Hopefully, we’ll also see something of the young adults in it, at some point.


What do you think of Kate Gosselin’s daughters Mady and Cara graduating high school already? Are you looking forward to seeing the new show next month? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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