‘Bringing Up Bates’: Carlin Bates Stewart Shares Blissful Honeymoon

Bringing Up Bates: Evan Stewart Carlin Bates

Bringing Up Bates star Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart married this week and they looked stunning together. Carlin made the most of her special day surrounded by family and friends. Now, off on their honeymoon, Carlin shared some clips to Instagram Stories, and it certainly looks like they enjoy a blissful time.

Bringing Up Bates fans saw Carlin’s marriage to Evan Stewart, now she shares her honeymoon

Honeymoons really form lasting and intimate memories for couples who marry. Even if it all turns out bad, those fond memories are treasured for a lifetime. And, for fans of Bringing Up Bates, the fact that Carlin’s sharing those memories is very special. Well, the short vid clips filmed by Evan, actually made their way to Carlin’s IG Stories.

In the first short clip, we see Evan filmed Carlin preparing for a spa. She danced around the room, looking totally happy. That’s a smiling new bride for sure. Later, we got a glimpse of them enjoying the beach at night. Again, happy Carlin’s dancing around.

Blissful honeymoon shows the Bates-Stewart couple happy and in love

The short clip of the Bringing Up Bates couple on the beach is tender, sweet, and so loving. Firstly, we see the sea water. Next, Carlin enters the picture, singing, “It’s so beautiful,” while she wades along the beach as waves break over her feet. In it, Carlin’s facing Evan, who captioned it with, “I love this beautiful girl!” On Carlin’s post, she added, “You are my favorite,” adding some love emoticons.

Carlin says to the camera, but obviously speaking to her new husband Evan Stewart, “I love you.” Then she moves out of the camera, and we can assume, for a hug and kiss. Evan says to Carlin, “And, I love you.” It’s a tender and very special moment that they shared to Bringing Up Bates fans.

Bringing Up Bates: Carlin
Image credits – carlinbates98 | Instagram Stories

Carlin and Evan positively glowing in a previous post

The day before the latest clips of their honeymoon, Carlin posted up a photo of them. Their love and joy just shone out of them and fans noted they positively glowed. Of course, many fans of Carlin and Evan wished them a wonderful honeymoon, and it sure looks like they enjoy every minute of it.


What do you think about Carlin Bates Stewart and Evan sharing some of their blissful moments during their honeymoon? Do they look happy or what? It seems this romance really was made in heaven as their love and joy just shine out. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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