‘The Bachelor’: Arie And Lauren Luyendyk’s Baby On The Way?

Bachelor: Arie and Lauren Luyendyk

The Bachelor fans know that Arie Luyendyk and his wife Lauren expect their first baby soon. Arie and Lauren met on the 22nd season of ABC’s popular show. News about their baby girl came back in January and since then Lauren’s kept people well informed on her milestones. Now, it looks like maybe the baby’s on the way, as her latest Instagram post’s a bit different.

The Bachelor fans heard that Lauren’s baby was breech for months

Back on April 30, US Weekly reported that the baby had been in breech position. They cited Lauren as saying, ‘”She’s been breach [sic] for over 10 weeks as far as I know. Everyone send your positive vibes/prayers our way to get this munchkin flipped!”‘ Well, finally the breech ended, as it looks like the doctors manually flipped the little one. Much like all the previous posts on the littlest Bachelor star, the news was written from the baby’s perspective and very detailed.

Here’s what Lauren posted up on May 14, “37 weeks old and it was an eventful morning, let me tell you. I was sleeping minding my own business and two giant hands from out there turned my body and now I’m upside down?! I have to say the whole thing was pretty alarming, but now that I’m down here I think I’ll stay for a while.” Lauren added, “picture Mom and Dad with big smiles on their faces right now knowing I’m facing down and ready to meet them soon!”


Arie and Lauren Luyendyk’s baby message at 38 weeks

The theme of baby talking went on for months now. Another example is last week, at 38 weeks. That message noted, “38 weeks old! I was so busy today I almost forgot to write you. Sorry if you thought I was coming out to meet all of you 😅. This week I’m the size of a small watermelon, wrap your head around that one Mom 😂…Not too much has changed in here but we went to the doctor and I overheard her saying I may be in here for a bit. I’m just going to chill hard upside down and make the best of this tiny room.”

There actually is a point to all of all these long quotes from Lauren’s Instagram where she kept The Bachelor fans updated. They might back up our suspicions that the baby might actually be on the way. The next and last post came at 39 weeks. This time, Lauren’s in one of those ghastly hospital maternity things and looking huge. But more telling, there was no long message from baby Luyendyk. The caption this time, was only, “Is it time yet? #39weekspregnant.”


Fans discuss the possibilities The Bachelor baby’s on the way

Fans of The Bachelor who followed the progress of the pregnancy were quick to wonder if the hospital gown and the very short caption meant the baby was on its way. Some people noted that it looked unlikely she was in labor as Lauren held what looked like a cup of water to her lips. However, others noted that it could be ice chips. Meanwhile, others noted that sometimes they do allow water intake for natural births.

What do you think about Lauren and Arie Luyendyk’s latest baby photos? Do you think she’s in labor and the baby’s on the way? After all, it’s the shortest post about her baby. Plus, this time she looks ready to go in hospital clothing. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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