‘RHOBH’ Rumors: Puppy Gate LVP Ganging Up May Cost Some Housewives Places On The Show


RHOBH soon draws to a conclusion in Season 9. For fans of Lisa Vanderpump (LVP), it’s been a terrible journey as they watched the other housewives gang up on her over the “Puppy Gate” leaks. Even though Lisa took a lie-detector test, some of them remain skeptical of her innocence of the leak to Radar Online. Now, rumors emerge via a source of the Daily Mail UK, that the ganging up may cost some of those housewives their place on the show, if and when season 10 comes along.

RHOBH fans felt terrible for LVP in season 9 as the other housewives turned on her

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills always comes with some drama. However, the Bravo show in Season 9 brought out the really ugly side of some of the women. In fact, even Lisa went a bit below acceptable standards with a recent transphobic comment when she took her lie-detector test. Now, you should know that Lisa’s happy to talk about almost anything, but not about “Erika Jayne (aka Erika Girardi).” E! News reported. “She said during the lie detector test, “Just don’t ask me if Erika’s tucking or something like that because there are some things I can’t lie about.”‘

Of course, when housewives turn on each other it gets nasty, but for fans of LVP, they feel it’s no wonder she snipes back these days. Of course, those in the trans community and her own co-stars on RHOBH came out in a rage. In particular, the ugliness between the cast reflects very well in Lisa Rinna’s tweet. Smacking of schoolgirls in the yard crowing about “I told you so,” she posted, “Who knew Lvp was transphobic? Well, we know NOW! #LBGTQ.” It seems the origins of the puppy story where Dorit Kemsley failed to return it to Pump Dogs got forgotten and all that came over is a bunch of women ganging up and getting out the knives to take each other down.

Ganging up by housewives bring rumors of lost jobs on the show next season

One of the biggest questions right now, circles around whether Lisa Vanderpump returns in season 10 of the show. However, it looks like some of the other housewives should worry about whether they get back to film another season of RHOBH. According to the Daily Mail UK, a source thinks this is a possibility. In their article, May 21, they noted, “this front against Lisa” distracts “from the original source of contention.” The insider source added, “‘What…astounded all of us is that Dorit caused this entire mess by abandoning two dogs, yet the cast…turned on Lisa.'”

Next, comes the suggestion that some housewives may face axing or at least, some of them. The source went on, explaining that the fans reacted badly over the ganging up. They noted the women attempted pushing “Lisa out.” The insider also talks about the strongest reaction they ever saw from fans. They noted that “many of them” called for “Dorit, Teddi, and Lisa Rinna to be fired.'” Finally, “‘Regardless we’re going to have to look at the entire cast for next season, maybe we’ll do a Dorit and abandon a few of them.”

What do you think about RHOBH producers thinking the ganging up on LVP may see them lose a few housewives from the show next season? Shout out your thoughts about the LVP drama in the comments below.

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  1. The only two women that should be remaining on the show is LVP and Denise… the rest should be fired ASAP and bring in new ladies for the new season…

  2. I’m surprised that these women were allowed to continue to bad mouth Lisa VP in every episode this season. With bullying not being tolerated in society anymore due to victims committing suicide over being bullied, I was disgusted to see this on a tv show. Lisa has a massive amount of fans who clearly were distressed to see her treated in such a horrible way by people who were meant to be her friends. I think Dorit should be fired, Erika doesn’t bring anything to the show and has just used it as a stepping stone to boost herself into the Limelight..Lisa Rinna is the trouble causer stirring the pot at any given opportunity. Denise is normal and Camile is ok, Kyle I’m afraid has lost a lot of respect over this season and will need to work hard to get any respect back.

  3. Let’s hope that it’s true!! The mean girls need to have their heads on the chopping block. Rinna, Teddi & Dorit. Personally Kyle & Erica should be there too.

    1. I AGREE!! Every epoy they were MEAN ANS BULLYING ANS BACKSTABBING, LVP, and NO ONE, NO MATTER WHAT , DESERVES THAT kind of treatment!!!

  4. Get rid of them! The show is no fun anymore. Way off base from where it came. They know they went to far, that’s why they ALL keep saying they have no beef with LVP now. Covering their tails? If I wanted to watch caddy women I would open my front door.

    1. I never thought I’d say it but I agree J I golia. I have been a fan of the franchise since year 1 but this year it’s just too much. Failure to acknowledge the cruelty to the animals is taking it beyond entertainment and made it impossible to enjoy.

  5. According to the constitution, we all have freedom of speech. If they fire housewives, it’s denying them this right. It must have to do with money..if LVP can influence them to fire her enemies, there won’t be a show!!!! They are all technically her enemies. She is not worth it!! Shooting yourselves in the foot!!!!

  6. Sounds great to rid many of of those RHOBH, best to nip in bud now. Rhianna’s mouth is so out of hand. Along with many others. LVP may not be totally nice however she’s a great business woman. And she has class. Something many of these woman can’t seem to produce. Erika’s Jane really comes across as selling nude for gay crowd. Many will sell there souls if it will bring in a bulk to allow them to live the high class life style. Not one woman has shown they can cook, clean wash clothes, make their beds. It’s a real shame because if we wanted to view rich and famous just watch rich and famous.

  7. Lisa suffered a terrible loss this season, and the bullying she had to face in the midst of her grief, was unacceptable. If LVP leaves the show because of all of this, it will be a shame. The only ones I would even like to see come back next year are Denise and LVP. Dorit is despicable. Not only did she get rid of two dogs, and did not follow the contract, but she turned it all around to make LVP the bad guy!! She is disgusting, and she and her fake accent need to go! Kyle is no good either. She was supposed to be a good friend of LVP, but she treated her terribly while she was grieving, and is overall a vile, disgusting human being. Erika, just yuck! Gold digging, over the hill, wannabe needs to go! Lisa Rinna is so jealous of LVP that she will do and say anything to make her look bad. And Teddi has never contributed anything to the show since she started. She’s a complete mess and only got involved to try and be relevant. So I say get rid of Teddy, Kyle, Erika, Dorit and Rinna. Let’s get some new, interesting women in there with some class and get rid of all these nasty, boring classless losers!!

  8. They have been relentless in their bullying. I would love them to fire Rinna, Kyle, Teddi and Dorit. They don’t deserve to come back. Not one of them.

  9. I can’t believe that grown women can be so cruel to what they call a “friend” they all forgot what dopy Dorit done with abandoning a lovely dog! Na Busy ganging up on LVP! Disgusting behaviour! Just imagine if it were happening to one of their siblings! They’d be devastated!
    LVP just lost her brother no sympathy or compassion from any of them whatsoever.
    I say get rid of Definitely Dorit, Teddy & Rinna! Erica well yeahhhh and I think Kyle is no friend at all sucked in my Teddy! Sorry Kyle you have been my favourite housewife since forever this season you really showed your true colours so sad!
    So please freshen it up with more fun housewives! But keep LVP, Camille & Denise!

  10. I said it once I will say it again, this all started when Rinna was at lunch with Teddi, dorit and Kyle( I believe) and Rinna said something about this is,what LVP does. She set it up. They all took tge bait and it started and there was Rinna smirking as the other woman took the bait and ran with it. From then on a few well placed comments by all and there it took off.
    Maybe it was a difflection so the other story lines wouldn’t be discussed

  11. I have been watching this show since it started as of now I have not watch this since they started on hating on LVP….I think it is a shame that BRAVO let this happen and it is still happening. At this time if the same cast comes back next year I will not be watching at all. I know BRAVO does not care if they lost (1) viewer so not sure if they even care about our comments here. Please get rid of Lisa Rinner, she is the worst right now-Teddi the know it all that turned out to be a horrible person, Kyle the friend that Lisa thought she had-what a turn coat she turned out to be and of course the person that started all of this DORITA the fake

  12. Get rid of LVP she’s a manipulative liar! “Took a lie detector test” but had the blood pressure reader over her sleeve and the lie detector administrator was also on flavor of love. It’s BOGUS! She’s a liar!

  13. I don’t want to be against anybody, but I am very certain that someone in Lisa’s camp (evidently without her being privy to it) slammed Dorit and tried to make mince meat out of her. If Radar On Line would speak out and say who really gave the information, it would end all of this arguing. As much as I really don’t want to say it, I know damn well that somebody in Lisa’s camp did that and I think it was her staff at the pet store and possibly even Ken! I know that sounds far out, but who else would profit from such a story?

  14. They’re all bullies and bullies should NOT be rewarded. Fire them all they are all as bad as each other though I think Kyle, Teddi and Rinna are definitely the worst. They sicken me.

  15. If Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t come back next season. I will not be watching anymore. The others have ruined this season with all of their bulling. They should not be allowed to return to a show that they have ruined. I have watched this since Season 1. It will be up to you whether it is watched anymore.

  16. It really does not matter who you like or don’t like the bullying in this season was just unacceptable. We saw a woman who was clearly struggling with her personal loss and not her usual strong self being ganged up on by five grown women. If they had kept to discussing their personal opinions when LVP was not there or going to be there it may have been less disturbing to watch. To see them talking about her and then the uncomfortable moment when she arrives and they go quiet and all give her the cold shoulder was awful. To then see one of them like we did with Teddi start accusing her and to see the others either join in or pull faces to each other behind her back was awful. To see them sitting at a table in the Bahamas giving her the cold shoulder – awful. To see someone go to her own house to tell her what everyone thinks – awful. To see them as a gang laughing as they make fun of her – awful. The mean five should be fired in order of how horrible they have been – Teddi, Dorit, RInna, Erika. Kyle was also mean but her biggest crime is that she was a terrible friend. If she was to stay she should admit that. We all expect arguing etc.on these reality shows but the bullying we witnessed was just too much.

  17. I couldn’t watch that kind of manipulation which was going on. How Teddy lied and Lisa Rinna orchestrated everything so at the end LVP was looking bad. For what? Who had a problem with Dorit? Teddy! Dorit called her a psycho and then puppygate happened. Why would be LVP blamed? They totally ganged up on her and I feel sorry for her.

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