‘Counting On’: Jessa Seewald Hits 38-Weeks Pregnancy, Shares Photos, Knows The Gender

Jessa Seewald and Ben

Counting On fans know that Jessa Duggar Seewald and Ben expect their third baby soon. Back in January, Jessa made the pregnancy announcement on Instagram, noting the baby should arrive around June 6. Now, Jessa hit the 38-week pregnancy mark and shared last-minute photos. Plus she mentioned they do know the gender of the baby.

Counting On fans hear about the 38-week pregnancy mark for Jessa Seewald

Over on Instagram, Jessa posted a photo of her looking very nearly due to give birth. She noted that she finally hit the 38-week pregnancy mark, so the photos need quick taking. The baby actually could arrive almost any time now. As Better Health notes, “The unborn baby spends around 37 weeks in the uterus (womb), but the average length of pregnancy, or gestation, is calculated as 40 weeks.”

The urgency for the pregnancy photos becomes apparent when you take note of that. However, it seems that Jessa’s not hinting she’s in labor, as she later noted that she’s usually a few days late. Talking about this pregnancy, she said it went by so very fast. Her Instagram caption said, “I honestly can’t believe it. It seems like this pregnancy has flown by! Can anybody else attest to that fact that when you have toddler or two keeping you on your toes, pregnancy just seems to fly by?”


Photo of pregnancy by Jessa shows some ‘shadows’

Adding to her caption, Jessa noted that it’s not the best photography light. Additionally, she noted, “Some weird shadows being cast here 😆, but had to get another quick bump pic because we’re so near to the end! 😍 #BabySeewald3 will be 38 weeks tomorrow!” Josiah and Lauren Duggar were the first to respond to the pick, commenting, “You’re stunning! Can’t wait to meet this little one!-Lauren.”

Of course, the discussion among Counting On fans arose over when the baby’s expected. One TLC fan asked if Jessa thought the baby might arrive early, or late? To that, Jessa replied, “I’ve gone 5 days late with both of my previous pregnancies, so I guess we’ll wait and see.” Other fans spoke up about how their doctors told them births on the due date seldom happen. So, yeah, it looks like we do need to just wait like Jessa, to find out when the little one decides to arrive.


Jessa Seewald knows the gender of her baby but won’t reveal it just yet

Lots of Counting On fans asked Jessa what gender the baby is. In fact, so many of them asked about this, that finally, she took some pity on them. Most die-hard Duggar family followers know gender reveals are a big thing. Usually, they withhold the gender and then arrange a big gender reveal party for the whole family. But newcomers don’t know that.

In reply to them, Jessa confirmed, “Ben and I always find out the gender, but we keep it as our little secret and surprise the family when the baby is born! ☺️❤️”

So, now you know that Jessa Seewald does know the gender but won’t talk about it just yet. What do you think about Jessa’s pregnancy going by so fast? Can you believe she’s hit 38-weeks already? The photo looks like she is really close to birthing-time right now. Sound off your thought in the comments below.

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