’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’: Nicole’s Brother Steps Up to Defend His Sister On IG

90 Day Fiance fans know that Nicole Nafziger and Azan had their ups and downs. Some of those centered around him allegedly unhappy with her weight. However, he did try and help her get some control and start fitness workouts and good eating. Ahead of the Happily Ever After? spinoff, she reminded fans that she struggled a lot with it. This weekend she posted up a photo that got one follower slamming her. However, Nicole’s brother Thomas stepped up to defend his sister on IG.

90 Day Fiance followers saw a nice photo of Nicole and her siblings on IG

Taking to her Instagram, Nicole wrote, “My siblings and I fight all the time but we laugh at the same time! We are a crazy funny family that loves more than we argue (well I think😂) and we take care of each other.” Then she added, “Sorry Racheal your not in the pic! You need to move back home to #Florida!”

Many 90 Day Fiance fans noted the resemblance between the four of them in the photo. Someone commented that Nicole’s mom sure has “strong genes” as she managed to “clone” all the kids. Others also noticed how they seem to have very similar “faces.” It was all quite nice and friendly until one user showed up who started body-shaming Nicole.

Thomas Nafziger defends his sister on IG

Thomas got a bit irked when one user posted, “I see you stopped dieting, you shouldn’t promote any kind of diet “aid.” Nicely, Thomas reminded the user that, “Nothing is ever a straight road there are curves and bumps and sometimes you fall off but you don’t know that do you? Bet when sh*t gets hard you just quit.” Not content to leave it at that, they actually hit back at him.

The 90 Day Fiance troller even went so far as to say, “I wasn’t talking to you anyways, p*ss off!” They then added, “why is it any of your business, f**k off idiot!” Wow, that’s taking it a bit far when you discuss Nicole with her very own brother! He gave it one more shot at explaining his defense of his sister, writing that they were “insulting my family idiot.” He then suggested the troll takes “a second and reread what was said.” Adding, “u judged someone u don’t know so I judged you and you obviously don’t like it.”


What do you think about Thomas stepping up to defend his sister Nicole Nafziger when the troll body shamed her? That’s a nice thing he did for Nicole. He really must have been very angry as he doesn’t often comment on his sister’s IG posts. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. As long as Nicole continues to send money to Azan she will always be subject to ridicule. She not only supports him by sending him money, but gave him $6,000 for a phony business idea that never took off. She is a very stupid girl and does not have the best interest of her daughter in mind. Monies that she earns from this “reality” show should be to support her and her daughter as well as put away for May’s future. Instead she stupidly goes after Azan and throws money at him as well as pays for any vacation time with him. He has yet to put his hand in his pocket. And what is in his past or present that he can’t travel freely and is rejected by whatever country he tries to enter?

    Furthermore his claim that muslim countries are so strict that the both of them can’t show affection is false, because he would have been stoned by now. I’m sure that TV shows there would show them in the desert and in a hotel together as well as him posing shirtless for instagram. Get her off the air – she is too stupid to watch.

    1. I agree. And the way she uses her parents is a shame. I’d like to wipe that smirk off her face. Look how ungrateful she was when her father and his wife told her they’d sponsor him. And when she let her mother and family know that her father was sponsoring Azan, she let them know with her trademark smirk – in between stuffing her french fries down.

  2. She also doesn’t like it when her family calls her out on all her fawning and supporting of Azan. Look how she got mad and threw something at her mother. At that point her mother should have smacked her stupid fat face. Nobody in her family is really getting tough with her – and I think that they should try to get custody of May especially when she takes her out of the country to be with “Daddy”! She is not fit to be a mother who gets her call all her “boyfriends” Daddy. Azan is not the first.

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