‘American Idol’ 2019: Laine Hardy’s Crowned The Winner, Creates His Own Genre?

American Idol: Laine Hardy

American Idol 2019 just ended with the nation voting for Laine Hardy as the winner. Competition for the top place between Laine and Alejandro Aranda ran tight the entire season of this year’s ABC show. While many Alejandro fans are beside themselves, that’s the way the competition went. Palpable tension across the internet awaited the final call, and of course, his fans rejoice! Fans actually discuss now what his genre is, and some suggest he just created his very own.

Amerian Idol 2019 saw Laine Hardy flip between rock and country seamlessly

Laine, who never actually auditioned for the show this year, got his golden ticket when he accompanied Ashton Gill to her audition. Back in March, TV Shows Ace wrote of his journey, “This young man still calls his elders “Ma’am” and “Sir,” touches his cap in greeting, goes fishing and “burning gas,” and hunting. He gets out with his friends in the swamps, boating and mucking around in the wilderness. What’s not to like about that in our plastic and paste age?”

However, the American Idol advisors started pushing his rock side. His Beatles number in Hawaii startled the audience. However, he went on to prove that he could belt out ballads, rock, country, almost anything they threw his way. And, his fan base just kept on growing. Sometimes, it came across as though he could do a bit of anything. However an artist needs a unique style, and Laine took to his Twitter to ask fans what they think his genre is.


Laine Hardy fans discuss his genre and it could be a new one of his very own making

A few days before the finale when Laine won the American Idol 2019, he asked his fans, “What genre do y’all think I am?” Whether that came as he pondered the right song to sing in the finals or not, we don’t know. However, fans discussed it seriously. Lots of them felt he could just be him. However, more seriously, others suggested he created his own new genre. In line with the angle Luke Bryan pushed for a while now, they agreed Bayou fits Laine.

However, it seems that this genre goes beyond that. They termed it, “Bayou Country Rock.” Well, that certainly describes Laine very well. However, as a winner of American Idol, it’s not likely that he’ll have too much personal say on his genre direction. That’s because part of the prize includes a recording contract. Plus, ABC obviously has input on the career direction for their latest star.

What do think about Laine Hardy winning American Idol 2019? Do you think he made his very own genre this year? What do think of Bayou Country Rock genre? Will the Idol contract allow him the flexibility to further pursue that genre? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I think Bayou Country Rock is a great genre for Laine!! It describes him and the activities he loves to be involved in such as fishing, hunting, camping, boating, and playing music and singing with his siblings. It’s apart of him and I think that genre fits him really well. I love music and his personality and also his character!! He’s sweet, loving, kind-hearted, and has great taste in music. I even love his style of clothing!! He’s a really handsome man and the first time I saw him on American Idol I’ve developed a huge crush on him. I tell you what though, I know Laine already has a girlfriend and all, but if he were still single and not taken, I’d be happy to date him because I’d be feeling like the luckiest girl on the planet!! I just love him so very much and hopefully soon I can meet him in the future. That would be awesome because I want to hug him!!

  2. I love that Bayou Country Rock is a perfect genre for Laine since he can sing anything they throw at him👍Good Luck Laine keep on doing what your doing😁

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