‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Avoids Janelle’s House, And It Could Be A Water Problem

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Janelle

Sister Wives fans heard rumors that Kody Brown spends most of his time with fourth wife Robyn in Flagstaff. It looks like we may now know the reason for that. Actually, could it be something as simple as a water problem. One of Radar Online‘s sources suggested that it may be at least part of the problem. That came from something someone overheard at the gym.

Sister Wives fans know Kody Brown said he rotates homes

On the Sister Wives show, we see Kody often reiterate that he rotates homes with his four wives. However, it seems this maybe fell away when they moved to Flagstaff. Flagstaff’s much smaller than Las Vegas, so their day to day movements probably get noticed much more. Plus, the family really would stand out in a smaller town.

TV Shows Ace mentioned this in another report about Kody Brown in Flagstaff. Speaking of how he seems permanently at Robyn’s home, we wrote, “Although Kody described it as a place with many “liberal” types, not everyone wanted them in town. The idea of cameras and crew around could intrude on people who just want a quiet life. Now, it seems Radar Online found at least one source who’s keeping an eye on the Browns.”

Kody Brown frequents the gym where someone overheard him talk about water problems

What we know from Radar Online is that Kody’s “white Infinity SUV, blue Lexus sports car and motorcycle were parked each night at Robyn’s massive 7-bedroom, 7-bathroom home for a week.” Their previous article mentioned that the home’s not far the gym he frequents in Flagstaff.

Now, a source told the news outlet that Kody ran into Logan and Hunter, who visit Janelle at the moment.  They went to the gym, where it seems Janelle may have also been. When he saw them all hot and sweaty from the workout, he allegedly said, “You guys better take fast showers, mom’s water heater is terrible.”

Janelle Brown and her relationship with Kody

Janelle Brown raised six children with Kody, but she did say in the past, that she sometimes has issues with the Sister Wives situation. Actually, while they often deny too much jealousy, it’s fairly obvious the women compete for attention from Kody. Years ago, Janelle lamented raising teenage boys on her own as Kody’s seldom around to help with discipline.

What do you think about Kody Brown preferring to stay with Robyn, rather than Janelle? Do you think it could be something as simple as problems with a water heater? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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    1. They choose to live under cameras. Cody doesn’t like to be inconvenience, it’s all about him. Of course he wants to stay in expensive $3500 rental, Robin’s not doing her jewelry line anymore so where is her income coming from. Robin has 2 biological kids with Cody and he adopted her other children. Christine & Jenelle has more older kids that need him more.

  1. It’s always been about Robyn since she joined them. I wish Meri would wake up and get out of that mess! Kody and Robyn are a good match because they both have the “it’s all about me” mentality.

  2. It’s always about Kody and no other. He pleases himself and lives off the wives! And they’re so stupid as to allow it – especially Christine!

  3. Kody seemed to always be at Robyn’s house in Vegas so continuing that in Flagstaff is no shock to me. I like Robyn & believe she wants to be fair to the other wives…but it isn’t just Robyn or Janelle, there’s Meri and Christine too… it appears to me that he has chosen to live with Robyn and visit the others occasionally
    while he seems to be concerned with the family as a whole i noticed last season he said, ” I will be 73 when my youngest graduates…”I”…. have x number of kids to send to college And “I” want to have a standard of living when….” he never said ‘we’ have x number of kids or that “we” need to think about ‘our’ future.
    He also brushed over losing a bunch of $$ on a failed business venture he had with his friend… which is why he refused to help Meri buy the B&B… it’s all Kody all the time…it appears he lives with Robyn and drops by to see the others, even back in Vegas. Nomatter who called it nor when it was called Every time they all needed to meet he was at Robyn’s.. then he griped bc there wasn’t an army to help him pack up all the houses.
    He decided to move them & no one wanted to go. He left his daughter and her family after they moved to be closer to the him. he wasn’t around much for his teenage sons bc he was with Robyn…so now he’s just continuing what he seems to have begun in Vegas!

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