‘My 600-lb Life’ Angela Johns Claims Hubby Left Her, Ready For Surgery And Filming

My 600-lb Life: Angie J

My 600-lb Life‘s Angela Johns not taking responsibility for her own failures annoyed people. Plus, she gave her husband uphill and really got up the noses of TLC fans. Always arguing with Dr. Now was plain and simply ridiculous. Then, she managed to get diagnosed over the phone as using drugs. The failed positive toxicology report proved that. Now, Angie claims she’s finally down to her target weight for weight loss surgery. Plus, she’s filming and oh yeah, her hubby abandoned her in Texas.

My 600-lb Life‘s Angela John’s nasty to her daughter, and rude to Dr. Now

Fans of my 600-lb Life grew irritated with Angela as we saw her being nasty to her own daughter Desiree. Actually, she could end up the same way as her mother before she hits her late teens. It’s a really dysfunctional environment. And to top it off, with her heavy smoking and even drug use, she tells Dr. Now, nope to going into rehab. That kind of attitude annoys fans. Their obvious impression is someone who wants to try should get a chance at life-saving weight loss.

Anyway, the failed attempts at losing weight led her back to Ohio where she popped up a Go Fund Me. There, she said she suffered cruelty from her parents who “ignored” her and she got “sexually abused.” Plus, her addict parents allegedly were abusive. Now, that’s a nightmare nobody wishes on anyone, but maybe it’s time to smarten up and listen to the doc? Well, maybe she did that, as she claims she’s filming again.

Fundraiser to return to Houston, then to meet expenses

Initially, the fundraiser was meant to help her return to Houston. Apparently, she wanted to be there as those who do relocate closer to Dr. Now often get more success. Her some-time hubby Justin Micheal would go with her. Anyway, somehow she raised the funds and apparently went back to Houston. Now, the fundraiser notes that she needs money to meet expenses as it’s way more expensive than living in Ohio. So far it raised $167.00.

Appealing to My 600-lb Life fans, Angela wrote, “I moved here to Houston a couple months ago and the expense was way more than I expected and I have a lot of debt behind that. Also, I’ve acquired a lot of medical bills since I’ve been here. I did not anticipate the cost of living in Houston when I left Ohio but I need to be here so that I can continue my journey! I am doing much better mentally but financially I’m struggling I’m trying to hold on to everything I can to stay here and finish my journey.”

Claims by Angela John of My 600-lb Life that hubby left her

Starcasm reported that Angela wrote, “I have been here in Texas now for over a month as you have seen in my episode. A week ago my husband decided this wasnt for him and he left! leaving me here in an apartment i cant afford all by myself living in a state i know NO ONE! I was burglarized in my home on April 30th and Justin left on May 1st”

Plus, My 600-lb Life’s Angie J added that she’s filming at the moment as well as getting approved for surgery! “im doing the 2nd episode now! i am finiding myself i just need a little help for a moment! im trying to stay here to finish what i started! so anything will help! im 128$ short on my rent thats with giving my whole income up! that leaves me with nothing which is fine as long as i can live here til im done!!! thanks in advance ♡ god bless you all!”

Angela Johns filming for My 600-lb Life, Where Are They Now?

Right, so now you know that according to Angela, she’s probably filming for Where Are They Now? In summary, it looks like somehow she managed her relocation to Texas. There she got robbed and hubby departed. Alone, she needs money for basic expenses and medical bills. She’s met the weight loss target for her surgery. Plus, she’s filming again.

Well, seriously? If she did all that, kudos to her. Maybe she dug deep and found a massive attitude change. However, as loads of fans of My 600-lb Life simply could not stand her, not too many are likely to throw a happy party.

What do you think about these claims by Angela Johns? Do you think she finally got herself together to meet her weight loss goals? Do you want to see her on Where Are They Now? Sound out your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. She was rude and crude. I do not believe that she changed nor did she get down to the required weight goal for surgery. She thinks that the surgery is an end-all to her weight problems – it’s just a beginning. With her attitude and addictions she will never make it unless she goes into an intensive rehab. Dr. Now tried every way to help her and she refused all and gave him attitude that was not warranted. The faces she made at him were horrific. Let her go and continue to shove the food in her mouth as fast as she can. Did she see what she looks like when she eats? That should wake her up!

  2. NO she should not be on the show…she is a lying manipulator…there is no telling where she is living and just lying to make money. She is an ugly person..full of entitlement…

  3. There’s no way the money she’s asking for is related to doing the right thing! Tbh it’s probably for solely for the drugs she’s using. I’ve never seen such a delusional, mean spirited, poor excuse for a participant on this show, EVER! The verbal abuse she inflicted on everyone around her makes her the lowest of he low. I googled her in hopes that she had died from her ignorant narcissism, looks like the world isn’t fortunate enough for that, YET! Figure it out- you self entitled, know it all- piece of trash! You’re no martyr- you’re a parasite!

  4. Amen Tiffany – she is a piece of trash! And the abusive way she spoke to Dr. Now was horrible! She didn’t like the way he spoke to her – because he said the truth! He even offered to put her into rehab and of course she refused! Too much attention is being paid to this low life! Just let her go on pumping her drugs and shoving food down her throat as fast as she can. Even animals have better eating habits and manners!

  5. She lives off the system in Ohio and gained weight to be on the show. She does nothing but lie and manipulate. Losing weight changes the outside, not the ugly inside.

  6. I don’t believe she changed. She is still the lying manipulator and really should not be on the show. She does not want to change herself or her attitude. Dr. Now does not need her as a patient. I believe she is lying about being in filming at the moment. If her “husband” left her – I’m sure he left running because she was the boss at all times in that relationship and very abusive and demeaning to him. The very qualities that she said was heaped on her in life. No, don’t put her on “Where Are They Now?”. It would be a wasted show.

  7. She was the worst. I lost count of how many times she used the word “unfair”. It got to the point that every time she said it I laughed. (Probably would make for an epic drinking game) She blames her situation on everyone. And every time someone didn’t bow down to her she would play the…”I have to die because (insert foolish person putting up with her) didn’t drop everything in their own life for me because hey are selfish. Unbelievable. No other word other than…. total BITCH!

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