‘A Double Shot At Love’: Pauly D Reveals Another Side, Holly Melts With Love

A Double Shot at Love: Holly

A Double Shot at Love airs on Thursdays on MTV. DJ Pauly D and Vinny engaged in their “Presidential Debate.” While the women loved that Vinny felt he was the better man as he bought his mom a house, Pauly D got Holly melting with love over what he said about kids. It’s not often that we get to see this side of Pauly D, who we know more as a party animal.

A Double Shot at Love’s Holly really has a crush on Pauly D

Right from the start, of A Double Shot at Love, Holly had a hectic crush on Pauly D. In fact, there’s loads of rivalry growing between Nikki and Holly. A few episodes back we saw Pauly telling them they’re both equal. Of course, Holly starts getting the wrong idea, meanwhile, Nikki thinks she’s in for a chance.  Some fans wonder if the producers just keep Holly around for her story. Actually, way back, Holly questioned Pauly D about cheating, and Vinny thought that was totally the wrong move.

Anyway, Holly remains, and she remains besotted by Pauly D. This led her to a point of almost orgasmic melting when the two guys held their “Presidential Debate.” All the women gathered, and the two guys set about convincing them who would be the best guy to choose. It’s all in fun, but certainly, both of them had very valid points. While Vinny scored for being unselfish after denying he’s a mommy’s boy, Pauly D opened up in an unexpected way.

Pauly D talks about kids and Holly can hardly contain herself

In the episode, during the “Presidential Debate,” while talking about family values, Pauly spoke about having kids. In an unusually frank manner, he said, “Having kids is one of the most amazing experiences in my entire life.” He then added that “it’s the first time in [his] life that [he’s] loved somebody more than he loves [himself].” Elaborating, Pauly D said, “There’s two most important ladies in my life, my mother and my daughter.” Looking at the Double Shot at Love women, he then says that he’s “looking for a third.”

Holly obviously loves the idea of kids and family, preferably with Pauly D. She freaks out about it to the point where she can hardly talk. Looking really emotional, Holly says to the camera, “the way he speaks about his daughter makes me melt.” She clasps her hands to her heart area, adding, “he’s such a great dad, and he’s going to be such an amazing father.” Then she like screws up her face, like overwhelmed. After that Holly laughs and it’s like she can’t express it with words.

Holly says ‘sorry’ but that’s just what she feels about Pauly D on Double Shot at Love

Obviously, off camera, she’s getting the look from someone, as she says, “I just can’t…” Then says, “I’m sorry, that’s just how I feel!” Then she reiterates in a softer voice full of love, “That’s just how I feel.” Okay, Holly’s got it bad for Pauly D, and if the day comes when her cab arrives, expect devastation.

Meanwhile, lots of followers of the show on Twitter agree that Holly’s obsession is almost akin to stalking. Here are a few things they said about her:

  • @Kai**: “Remember that chick who texted a dude 160k times and got arrested for sneaking into his house and using his bathtub? That’s who Holly on #DoubleShotAtLove reminds me of.”
  • @Se**: “I think Pauly needs to go ahead and send Holly home….he knows DAMNNNN well that’s not who he wanna be with.”
  • @The**: “Holly is too old to be acting like a crushing 12 year old.”

What do you think about Pauly D revealing another side of himself? Did you think that Holly melts with love and goes too over the top? Is she really crushing on him? Sound out your thoughts in the comments below.

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