‘Vanderpump Rules’ Shocker: Tom Sandoval Out As Best Man

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Has Three’s Company of Vanderpump Rules lost a member? That’s what fans are wondering after Jax Taylor revealed that friend and co-star Tom Sandoval would no longer be the best man in his upcoming wedding.

Jax is marrying girlfriend Brittany Cartwright on June 29 in Kentucky. Jax told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that his other best friend, Tom Schwartz, will take over the solo best man. The two Toms had been sharing the honor until the filming of the reunion episodes in March.

What Happened at the Vanderpump Rules Reunion?

Part 1 of the 3 part reunion aired Monday, May 6. The tension began early, as Jax and Tom Schwartz sat on one side. Tom Sandoval and James Kennedy sat on the other side. James has had serious problems with everyone on the cast during Season 7 except for Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix. Tom is known for sticking up for him.

The argument began when Jax insulted Raquel Leviss, James’s girlfriend by saying she wasn’t a beauty queen to him. In retaliation, James began insulting Brittany’s clothing (calling her a “disco ball”,) her family and her “hillbilly” upbring.

As Jax, Brittany, Katie Maloney-Schwartz and Kristen Doute continued to argue with James, Ariana and Tom told Jax to shut up and let Raquel answer the question Andy had just asked her. This infuriated Brittany, who asked Tom why he didn’t tell James to shut up after James started insulting her.

One big, incoherent argument, but at one point, Brittany began to shout at Tom, “You’re his [Jax’s] best man. Stop!” Andy had to step in between Jax and James when James made a comment about Jax’s dad. There have been rumors swirling since the reunion taped that things got physical, but it didn’t get that far with Jax and James. Yet. There are still parts 2 and 3, but it’s possible that Billie Lee is involved in an altercation, not Jax or James.

Previous Fights

Jax said at the reunion that he has been friends with Tom Sandoval for 20 years. They’re both original cast members of the Bravo reality show. Yet, they’ve only fought a handful of times on camera.

Viewers might remember that they came to blows when Tom Sandoval found out that Jax had slept with his then-girlfriend Kristen Doute. Tom Sandoval popped him in the nose and apparently, all was forgiven.

Despite their blowout fight at the reunion, sources say chances are good for Jax and Tom Sandoval to repair their friendship, given their history. However, you’ll have to wait until next season or a possible spin-off to watch Tom Schwartz accompany Jax at the altar. Vanderpump Rules hasn’t been renewed for a Season 8 yet, but you can watch the reunion Mondays on Bravo.

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  1. Tom Sandoval is the only person on the show, besides his girlfriend, Arianna, with any hutzpah to stand up to those scumbags. He’s too good to be Jax’s best man.

  2. I agree, Jax how old are you? How many chances have you had? How many lies have you told? How many times have you been fired? What’s it like to be perfect? Double standards dude…… good on yah Tom and Arianna you 2 are the mature ones of the bunch. Kristin your just a sad excuse……

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