‘Bachelorette’ 2019 Spoilers: Luke Parker’s Final Three Date Details

Hannah B The Bachelorette from Instagram

The Bachelorette 2019 spoilers are going wild already. Reality Steve recently shared that Luke Parker makes the final four and now details about his final three date are out. Could he be the one who wins Hannah B’s heart in the end? It does look like Luke is going to be a fan favorite. If he doesn’t win her over, he could be a good choice for The Bachelor next season.

Luke Parker makes the final three

Luke Parker was confirmed to make the final four not long ago. Now, Reality Steve is going to his Twitter and sharing that he actually makes the final three as well. That is where the filming is at right now on The Bachelorette.

Luke was the third date of the overnight dates according to Steve. That makes it seem like Hannah B actually did all of her overnight dates unlike Colton Underwood last season. The rose ceremony will be happening today, which will put her down to her final two. Hopefully, it all ends with an engagement, but nobody knows for sure just yet.

Details about Hannah and Luke’s date

The date that Hannah B and Luke Parker will go on is in Santorini. At this point, it is just a one on one date and they don’t have to worry about the other guys. That is when these two get to know each other really well especially getting that time without the cameras around.

Steve also shared a few more pictures from the date that Hannah B and Luke Parker go on. You can tell that they are getting along very well when you look at how close they are to each other. It looks like a gorgeous area. Maybe Luke Parker will be the one who wins over her heart. For now, fans are going to just have to wait on Reality Steve to share the spoilers.

One thing you will notice is that it looks like Luke is wearing a bit of Hannah’s lipstick in one of the pictures. It looks pretty great on him, too. Maybe these two are a perfect match.

Are you happy to hear that Luke Parker makes the final three on The Bachelorette? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t miss the big premiere of The Bachelorette on Monday, May 13. It is time to see if Hannah B can find love this time around.

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  1. How can we be happy about who she is choosing when the show hasn’t aired yet & we have little to no information about the show. Sad that someone has to spoil a whole season by giving the ending before we’ve even been able to watch it. Think Reality Steve should find another job. Ugh. 🙁

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