Danielle Busby Shares Adorable Snaps Of A Quint Helping Her Pack

Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered fans find it difficult to tell the girls apart, and when the pink sun-shades and a load of cases and a giant stuffed toy get in the way, it’s almost impossible. Anyway, suffice to say one of the cute quints packed up stuff when she saw mom Danielle Busby packing, and it’s hilarious.

OutDaughtered fans can’t wait to see the cute quints back onscreen soon

The new season of TLC’s OutDaughtered premieres June 11. Actually,  TV Shows Ace noted that Adam Busby said, “Lately, the girls have been testing boundaries to see what they can get away with.” Well, that’s some time back in real life, but for today, we have a cutie who’s just taking away the cute-prize of the year in our book.

Confession time! No, we can’t say for certain which quint is doing the cuteness overload in Danielle Busby’s short Instagram Story. However, maybe one of our readers can nail it and let us know in the comments below. Unfortunately, Danielle never mentioned the name of cutie-pie quint.

Mom Danielle Busby’s packing to go somewhere and the quints wanna pack too

Danielle Busby’s packing and she captioned it with, “She sees me trying to pack, so she comes in my room like this.”  The clip shows cutie-quint coming in carrying a giant stuffed toy, a baby-doll in a carrier, a blue carry bag and huge pink shades. Danielle asks her where she’s going? So she replies, “To the park.”

So, next Danielle asks the OutDaughtered dame, “With all that? What you got with you.” The reply – “I got my baby …um,” (getting shy.) So, when Danielle asks her what’s in the “big ol’ bag?” it’s hilarious. Actually, the little girl can hardly carry all that stuff, and it looks a bit heavy. Nevertheless, her funny answer is, “nothing!”

outdaughtered quint
Image credit – Danielle Busby | Instagram

Hilarious answer by cutie-quint relates to nearly everyone

Is there anyone who never got caught out by their parents asking awkward questions? You know the kind, where the only answer is “nothing” with the voice tone trailing up as if to ask why you wanna know? This funny clip’s short but possibly the cutest on Danielle Busby’s Instagram Stories.

Hopefully, we see lots of funny moments in the coming season. The show promises us that Ava, Olivia, Riley, Parker, and Hazel become quite confident and a little bit too sassy. In the show, we’ll follow them, and big sister Blayke, as they go on vacation, have fun and enjoy family days. However, plain sailing all the way’s out the window. That’s because the quints test some boundaries. Plus, Danielle deals with her migraine problems. Concerns about Hazel’s eye surgery looms, and Park’s anxiety raises some concern.

What do you think of the cutest quint watching Danielle Busby pack and then packing up her own stuff to go to the park? Do you think it’s hilarious? Sound off your levels of cuteness rating in the comments below.

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