‘Summer House’: Hannah Berner Says The Second Half Of The Season’s Gonna Heat Up More

Summer House: Hannah Berner

Summer House Season 3’s about halfway through right now, and it looks like the Bravo reality show’s doing well. Or, at least better than last season, which never really grabbed a lot of people. However, Hannah Berner’s loving the season and she says that fans can expect the second half of the season to heat up considerably.

Summer House differs from the drama of RHOBH, says Hannah Berner

Talking to Danny Pellegrino on his podcast Everything Iconic, Hannah discussed the differences between Bravo programs like Real House Wives of Beverly Hills and Summer House. As she pointed out, “it’s not like the Housewives, where like there’s a serious family drama and cheating and dogs being almost murdered.” Hannah added that she loves Lisa, but thinks “they’re both guilty to a certain extent.”

As she’s in reality TV herself, she feels that “no one’s hands are clean” on RHOBH this season. In fact, Hannah notes that Lisa may have slipped up a bit and now the takedown’s on. That sort of drama sets RHOBH apart from Summer House. While you hear of cheating and rumors and of course, some drama, Summer House brought in a “younger energy to the show.” It also brings a fun dynamic.

The Second half of Summer House and the cheating rumors

Fans of Summer House will recall that in a recent episode, Lindsay decided to talk in private to Danielle about the gossip she heard from her friends. The goss revealed that Kyle got very chummy with another woman a few months back. Reality Tea noted that Danielle “tells Paige what Lindsay told her and Paige is honestly shocked. Lindsay gets wind of the situation [that] Danielle spilled the beans. It was not her place to say anything, especially to Amanda‘s best friend.” And, of course, now everyone learns about Kyles secret cheat.

Talking about cheating, Hannah told Danny that a cheating rumor needs dealing with. As Hannah points out, so far it has a strange dynamic. That’s because, “in the beginning, Linsay is straight up like, ‘I unfollowed Amanda because Kyle cheated on her.'” Hannah wonders, “as a female, how’s that supportive?” Thinking on that, Hannah comments, “seeing she’s the one with the information of the possible new cheating scandal, it doesn’t look like she’s being helpful. ”

The drama heats up in the second half over possible cheating rumors says Hannah Berner

Danny Pellegrino cut in to ask Hannah why she keeps saying it’s a “possible” cheating issue. He asked her if that’s “not true?” Hannah replied saying she can’t say. Obviously, she’s really careful of leaking upcoming episodes. However, she does promise us that “the drama just gets ten times more, the second half of the season.”

What do you think about Hannah Berner telling fans things will heat up in the second half of the season? While it’s not likely to escalate into a ganging-up takedown like RHOBH and LVP, it’s looking good that secrets start spilling soon.

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