‘Mama June From Not To Hot’: Geno’s Still Around Despite Arrests, Denial Of Intimacy

Mama June and geno

Mama June: From Not to Hot got a short preview and unfortunately, it revolves around the intimate life of June and Geno. Do we all need to know this? What happened to the hot part of Not to Hot? It looks like Geno, who fans hate without the “love-to” in front of it, helps June along her downward spiral this season. Despite arrests and no intimacy, Geno’s still in her life, in real life.

Mama June: From Not to Hot fans can’t get enough of the show despite Geno

Over on Twitter, many fans of Mama June: From Not to Hot, comment that watching the WEtv show is their “guilty pleasure.” It’s all so trashy, they can’t help but watch what goes down. Well, we know that Geno’s not hot on good manners. Plus, he got arrested during the filming of the season, and more recently, with June herself.

While some people think it’s horrifying that Alana lives in a home with a man who gets arrested, more than once, others feel the show’s just pure entertainment. In many ways, reality TV shows are scripted. However, real life issues intrude into the show via social media and current events.

Arrests for Not to Hot couple, yet she stills hangs with him

We all saw Geno in real life, arrested at the gas station along with Mama June. Found in possession of drug paraphernalia, and charged with domestic violence, didn’t sit well with fans. Actually, the story of them ignoring a court order for Geno to stay away from June did the rounds. It seems they tossed it out the window after their release made tabloid headlines. In fact, real life for June looks almost as bad as the TV show.

The biggest thing to take away from that drama is the couple reportedly still stay together. The Blast reported April 30, that  Geno and Mama June are rolling around Alabama right now going from one hotel to another, apparently enjoying the casinos together.  They wrote, “Sources close to the couple tell The Blast that Mama June and Eugene “Geno” Doak have been in Alabama ever since being arrested following a gas station fight.”

A new preview of Mama June: Not To Hot dishes more details than we need to know about Geno and intimacy

We already saw how June’s desperate for Geno Doak to engage in a bit more physical fun. In fact, she shared that in way too much detail. Geno was sending nasty pictures of private bits to another woman and June wanted him. However, she just wrote that off as a “seven-year itch.” Now, a preview showed she moved on from that. There’s apparently a mega turn-around on that. The new preview suggests June no longer wants it from him. Crossed legs, corsets, whatever it takes.

In the preview that InTouch Weekly shared, it showed June and her sister talking about it. June’s sister says, “if he ain’t getting it here, he’s getting it somewhere.” Then, in the usual terms of endearment we hear on Not To Hot, adds, “There’s always one somewhere, saddled up, ready to go.” Ugh! Anyway, it looks like June gets convinced not to hold back the cookie dough. So, she suggests maybe Geno’s up for something on the back seat. However, Geno comments he’d rather “play” with June’s sister.

So, soon you get to watch all this unedifying stuff about Mama June Shannon and Geno. She really delivers on intimacy and arrests and things that stir “guilty pleasures.” Does it surprise you that Geno’s still around and June seems happy with him in real life? Do you think they probably resolved their intimacy issues by now?  Shout out your thoughts in the comments below.

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