‘OutDaughtered’ Spoilers: Danielle Busby, Out With Rush Cycle, In With CADi Fitness?

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby - Cadifitness

OutDaughtered fans often ask what happened to Danielle and Adam’s Rush Cycle business venture. However, neither of them talk about it much. TV Shows Ace followed that up, and it seems they’re no longer a part of it. However, it looks like for Danielle, it’s out with Rush Cycle and in with CADi Fitness. She’s so excited because she and her twin sisters launch their new website for it this week.

OutDaughtered mom Danielle Busby doing CADI Fitness with twin sisters

The last time Danielle Busby got involved in a fitness thing, we can recall they bought a Rush Cycle franchise. However, TV Shows Ace contacted the studio this week, and it seems they’re no longer part of it. They noted, “It was back in 2017 that the news came out they had purchased this franchise. If you check out the Instagram page for Rush Cycle, there are some really old photos with Danielle Busby in them but nothing recent. Because of all of this, it looks like they have moved on from the business.”

Anyway, fans of the TLC’s OutDaughtered show know that Danielle’s into health and fitness in a big way. Plus, she’s really close to her twin sisters. We often see them on the show, and their names are Kiki [Crystal] and Lili [Ashley]. Speaking to Channel Guide Mag, back in 2016, Danielle said, “Would I have done the show without them? Well, it’s made it more exciting with them. I love being able to capture moments with them. And I see them all the time — especially my sister that lives here close to me — so it would have been weird not having her involved…because we’re always together.” Now, it looks like they’re starting a new venture with Danielle.

Dannielle Busby posts about the new business venture that may replace Rush Cycle

Monday night, April 29, Danielle took to her Instagram to post about her new venture. She captioned it with:

“💃🏼👯‍♀️💃🏼HAPPY DANCE💃🏼 👯‍♀️💃🏼 Just SOOOOO EXCITED!! 2 more days! ・・・
🎉The twins are here to tell you ONLY 2️⃣DAYS left till our @cadifitnesswebsite Launches!!!🎉 #fitnessapparel #strongwomen#sistersinbusiness #becauseicanbei#cadifitness”

Of course, some OutDaughtered fans still asked her about the Rush Cycle business again, but there’s no answer there. Actually, giving up the Rush Cycle venture might be part of the storyline for the upcoming season. For that reason, they may not be able to talk about it right now.


Fans congratulate the sisters on their new CADI Fitness venture

Fans congratulated Danielle and her sister on the new CADi Fitness website. They already know she has her own IDLife website and store, so this might slot in with that. Back in March, the CADi Fitness Instagram launched with the introduction, “Our Sisterly Business Vision has finally come to Life! We proudly introduce to you CADi Fitness.”

In the first post, they noted that “C A D is our birth order and the “i” is a part of our aunt names for each other.” They add that it’s a “Fitness Apparel Line and was created from our Strong and “i”ndependent Women driven hearts. The sisters want to “inspire all women any shape or size to be comfortable in their own skin because of (various reasons).”

What do you think about Danielle Busby and her sisters starting a new venture with CADi Fitness? Do think she moved on from Rush Cycle for something a bit easier to do from home?

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