‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans Eason Ripped Over Animal Deaths, Puts Out New Video

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans Eason gets hate all the time.  In fact, many followers seem to follow her just to hate on her. Recently, the “homestead,” as Jenelle calls her place, experienced a few animal deaths, and people ripped into her over it. Nevertheless, some folk who live in similar situations stood up for her. More recently, Jenelle shared a new video that shows perhaps some of the ripping’s not justified.

Teen Mom 2 fans concerned over animal deaths at Jenelle Evans Eason’s homestead

Jenelle and her family seem thoroughly into their “homestead” lifestyle these days. When Jenelle posted up cute pictures of Silkie chicks, lots of fans loved it. However, according to Jenelle, some animals died. In a recent post on Twitter, she noted that her dog killed some chickens. Now, she reports that problems arise with “snakes, hawks, and possums.”

So many fans live far removed from the rural lifestyle of Jenelle, they grew perplexed as to why she didn’t lock them all up to keep them safe. As many people who live in rural areas know, a business on the land’s not about pets, but about profit. Some of them came to her defense as so many Teen Mom 2 followers ripped into her. Not every homesteader defended her, but enough that it looks like Jenelle is not the evil animal killer people make out.


Different views from different folks, some ripped Jenelle

As you can see in the tweet above, Jenelle notes that “no matter what, stuff like this happens when you have a homestead.” Angry, some people spoke out about it. Here’s what some of them said about it:

  • @Nau**: “Its not your dogs fault its YOURS they are gentle to babies, small animals. Its not the “homestead” life, its called “not training” ya dog life. Plus, if you knew you had all these predators why the hell would you let a helpless baby animal be free range??”
  • @Ber**: “I really don’t understand your train of thought sometimes. I don’t know if you[‘re] being funny or ignorant. Don’t get animals if you can’t protect them. I mean people warned you that would happen. Pay attention and quit acting like you know everything”
  • @jen**: “Free range doesn’t mean zero supervision. And dogs should not be lumped in with hawks and snakes. Please educate yourself with real research (not internet searches) before trying to pass off your mistakes as true homestead life.”

The Teen Mom 2 followers who defended her

In her defense, other people chimed in on the side of the Teen Mom 2 star. Many of them live in a similar environment. That’s not to say they think Jenelle’s doing everything right though. Some of them gave her some well-meaning advice as well:

  • @jac**: “2/2 it’s sad 😢 when bad things happen but it’s also an opportunity to learn how to prevent it from happening again. Don’t let the ➖⛔️negative⛔️➖ events take away the joy😁of 🏡steading.”
  • @Ang**: “I have a coop and still have had issues time to time keeping them safe from hawks, snakes, and raccoons. Even the chickens can be cruel to their own flock. Things happen, and it sucks but you gain knowledge to better prepare yourself so hopefully, it doesn’t happen again.”
  • @Pel: “Are you people kidding me? Its a dogs natural instinct, and it will happen. My daughter’s dog killed 2 of her chickens last year, and has the most gentlest dog, it was an accide[n]t? The neighbors in her area (which is country) all have free range and it happens. Drama much people?”
  • @Reb**: “Shit happens I just got 5 chicks myself and I’ve been having to let my dog see them. But regardless it’s also a dogs nature to do that mine attacked a rabbits nest unfortunately one died but was able to save the rest. Can’t save them all, unfortunately.”

Jenelle shares a video of the animal pens to Instagram Stories

No matter what, it looks like Jenelle probably gains some good advice from those who don’t forget farm animals are not pets. That’s useful information. In her Instagram stories, Jenelle still shares some of her daily routines with her animals. Maybe she does make some mistakes, but you can certainly hear from her voice, she seems genuinely caring.

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle’s animals – Video credits Jenelle – Instagram Stories

What do you think about people ripping into Jenelle Evans Eason over the death of her animals? Do you think it’s a sad fact of life living on a homestead? Do you think Jenelle seems kind and caring with her animals, even though she still needs to learn from her mistakes? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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