‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’: Lisa Vanderpump Discusses Leaving

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Lisa Vanderpump

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans saw that the PuppyGate scandal still brings fury amongst the cast of the show. In fact, in the last episode, Kyle Richards had a meltdown at Dorit Kemsley about it. It seems Dorit and PK may not have the same issues as Kyle over the confrontation with Lisa about it. In the meantime, Lisa Vanderpump seems weary of all the bickering and back-stabbing. She spoke about it on Bravo’s After Show.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Vanderpump may leave the Bravo show

So many Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans fear Lisa may leave the show. In fact, the “Team Lisa” followers swear if she leaves they won’t watch it again. Others wish Lisa (LVP) would just toddle on “bye-bye.” Actually, it’s evident the bickering and drama of the show spill over into fans of the show as well. Weary of it all, Lisa may actually leave for real. Plus, it emerges now that the other housewives just want her to admit she did wrong and leaked PuppyGate, Heavy reports.

On the After Show, Lisa said that she didn’t watch “the show this season.” That’s because it’s “not fun being the recipient of everybody ganging up on you.” Plus, it’s not the first time for Lisa that she’s been in this situation. Lisa mentioned Season 2, Season 4, and Season 6. That means “it’s the fourth time I’ve been through this,” Lisa notes. At the same time, she says she’s not trying to “be a victim,” especially over Kyle’s confrontation at Villa Rosa, but something “snapped” for her.

The ‘PuppyGate’ scandal in RHOBH could be the last straw for LVP

The fallout of Kyle Richards confronting her, believing she leaked Dorit’s dog ending up in a shelter, to Radar Online reminded her of friendships. She said that when people are there for you, holding your hand during hard times, that stands out. But if people aren’t there, then she thinks, “you realize you can possibly do without [them].” Looking back, in fact, Lisa says she had no “real understanding of what [she] was about to get into.” At the time, eight years ago, it “was exciting.” But that certainly seems not the case anymore.

Lisa talked about how they were all just “out to have a good time.” Nevertheless, this season “feels different.” She said of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, that it “might be because she’s been “emotionally in a different place.” Obviously, she referred to the death of her only sibling. For Lisa, Kyle’s timing on her birthday weekend couldn’t have been worse. She was at a very low point in her life.

Will Lisa Vanderpump come back to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Asked if she would come back to the show, Lisa said, “It depends. I can’t say.” She’s really not the smiley person we often see in Vanderpump Rules, that’s for sure. So, there’s no commitment to stay and it seems she’s leaving the door open to leaving. It isn’t like Lisa needs the show for money. She has plenty of other things going on in her life.

What do you think about Lisa Vanderpump growing weary of all the ganging up and drama? She says it’s not fun anymore, so could she seriously be thinking of leaving? Sound out your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Would much prefer to see a number of the other women leave the show vs. LVP, I know if she does decide to step away, I’m pretty much done with this housewife franchise. I can understand why LVP is seriously considering leaving the show. The group mentality is ugly this season and a few of the women who are involved in this attempted attack are just not nice people, and it is pretty hard to sit in front of the tv and watch them have their platform to promote themselves at any cost. Maybe Bravo has lost the ability to cast people onto this show who are more down to earth, don’t forget, this is supposed to be a housewife program, seems like there are a few current members who are more interested in promoting a career in show business or trying to stay relavent in a career in show business who are willing to throw the entire story-line enjoyment under the bus to grab the spotlight. It really has gotten sad out there. I love you LVP, you do what is best for yourself, but I sure will feel bad if you do leave.

  2. LVP is a class act. She is beautiful on the inside and out and has no time for pettiness. I watch the show mainly because of her. She is interesting and always has a lot going on. Denise Richards is a breath of fresh air, and Kyle….I still do like her. As for the rest of them, please make them all go away……Rinna is beyond disgusting, Teddy is a bore, Erika, well..we can do without her and Camille…..meh…. You can keep Dorit for the fashion. She always looks great (but needs to get a storyline).
    I wont watch if LVP leaves…….Comeon Bravo, get some nice women on the show. Its really become painful to watch. Don’t these wealthy ladies have anything better to do than talk about a dog all season? Seriously?

  3. I Laugh that people take the show so seriously its a Soap Opera people .. LVP can leave she made her millions off the back of Bravo she still has her spin off show to pay her bills .. No tears its what they all signed up for when they started the show …make drama stay on top make more money …become forgetful get canceled ..

  4. Lisa is owner/partner of more than 50 restaurants/bars. Bravo money is her platform and not her bread and butter. I hope she leaves RHOBH and start her own show.

  5. This is not just about LV. This is about bullying and ganging up and quite frankly, who in their right mind would want friends who think you’re a manipulative liar? It happened to me and I got rid of everyone not believing me. When the truth came out they were embarrassed, but I didn’t take them back. Anything else would be toxic.

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