‘Sister Wives:’ Maddie Brown Brush Unloads On IG About Education And Mom-Shaming

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush

Sister Wives followers don’t always confine their interest to Kody Brown and his four sister wives. In fact, their adult children also garner many followers. Maddie Brown Brush, Janelle’s daughter took to her Instagram to unload about comments on education and mom-shaming. Actually, she’s just sick of it, feeling how moms choose to get an education and raise their kids is their own business.

Sister Wives‘ Maddie Brown Brush opted for being a mom she says on IG

Many followers of women, and not just Sister Wives women, tend to criticize people for not getting an education. Those who become moms in favor of completing college often deal with nasty comments. That ranges from the 90 Day Fiance franchise, through Counting On, and other reality TV shows. Maddy Brown Brush addressed this on Instagram in a long rant. She posted up that she’s “sick of hearing people rag on moms who choose the mom thing, and moms feel ashamed for choosing the mom thing!”

In her post, Maddie also wrote, “Its not your business, its not your family and its not your place to have an opinion. Be supportive of moms! They are raising the next generation and whatever they choose is best, support it dammit! (sic).” Maddie argued that “some moms choose to do just the mom thing,” noting that’s what they feel is “best for their family.” Maddie’s angry that people shame moms. In fact, she mentions those who finish an education slowly while raising kids should not suffer shaming either.”

Fans of Maddie agree mom-shaming over education’s a bad thing

Many Sister Wives fans agreed with Maddie on her stance about education and mom-shaming. Here’s what some of them said in reply to Maddie:

  • @Dan**: “There’s nothing wrong with old fashioned traditional values and having a family young and not focusing on a career.”
  • @Smo**: “I chose to be a mother & [I] have never regretted it a day in my life! I know my choice was & is what is best for our family.”
  • @Lit**: ” I totally agree with you. I am a mom of two who never went to college and I made it work.”
  • @Tar**: “You do you and your family. Everyone else doesn’t matter!”

Others mentioned that even single moms end up with mom-shaming because they need to work outside the home. They all try their best to give their kids the best, the best way they know. Others noted that in their case, they work as they have a better education and dad stays home with the kids. They too, suffer mom-shaming.


Is Mom shaming out of hand?

The whole point that Maddie Brush tried to get across is that whatever type of mom you choose to be, is your choice. She feels very strongly that nobody should accuse moms because they choose a lifestyle for their own family. Bluntly, as she points out, it’s nobody’s business.

What do you think about mom-shaming and those who opt for their family before completing their higher education? Do you think education’s more important than raising children? Have your say in the comments below.

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  1. Wow really people get a life…. Maddie your beautiful inside and out !!! I’m not a huge fan of the show I watch it now and then but I’ve always been impressed with you, the way you address things , your ability to say to your parents Hey- not what I want for my family…. but you guys do what ever makes you happy I’ll support you from here… You have a beautiful family Ms. Maddie I wish you the best

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