Robyn Brown Speaks Out Against Haters Who Say They Moved for Son’s College Choice

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Sister Wives fans noticed that Robyn Brown’s son Dayton is going to school right where the family is moving. Of course, this isn’t a coincidence. Because of this, there have been a lot of rumors that this is the entire reason they moved.

Sister Wives big move

The entire Brown family from Sister Wives made the decision to move to Flagstaff, Arizona. It wasn’t an easy decision, but now they are all living there. Along with this move, they left some of their adult children behind. Because of this, they aren’t around their only grandson as much.

Dayton, which is Robyn Brown’s oldest son, made the move with the family. He is headed into college next year. It turns out that Dayton is going in Arizona. This got the fans wondering if this was the reason the entire family moved. It does help out that Dayton is close to them now and didn’t stay behind in Las Vegas. Because of this move, they aren’t close to several of their children now and the kids are pretty upset about it.

Robyn reveals he isn’t the reason they moved

Robyn Brown went to her Twitter and was very open. She shared that this wasn’t the reason at all that they moved. As you can see, it makes sense that everyone would think they moved for him. Here is where the post started.

The fans were talking in the comments about how they believe this is the entire reason they moved. Robyn decided that it was time to speak out about it in the comments section. She replied and said, “He was planning on going to UNLV but then when the idea of the move came up he hurried and applied at @NAU in the nick of time. I was relieved when he decided to go with us to Flagstaff.”

Her followers are responding and they don’t think Robyn Brown is telling the truth. Everyone is just going to have to make up their own mind on what they believe. Because Robyn is sharing her side doesn’t mean that they have to believe it.

Are you surprised to hear that Robyn is speaking out about this now? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Make sure you don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on TLC. This week is the big tell-all. So far, they haven’t shared if the show will be back for another season, but fans are hopeful that the show will return.

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  1. This season in episode 4 Kody presents his idea of moving to the wives and Christine says that it’s “MARCH”. Then in episode 5 Robyn says that she just finished applying for scholarships/to Vegas colleges and she needs to be near him to help him adjust. They have no clue where they want to move.

    Next we have three visits down to Flagstaff – and we know that the middle visit is on April 18th, for Christine’s birthday. She specifically mentions both that fact and the fact that they would expect snow in October, but it surprised them that there was snow in April. So the third visit had to have happened after April 18th.

    The family decides to move to Flagstaff. Kody puts an offer in on the land – that takes some time, both to make the offer and also to be accepted. Are we in May yet? Because if the offer is declined, what is the point in moving to Flagstaff when a hundred other areas of the Western United States could be taken into consideration?

    The deadline for NAU is May 1st. You have to order transcripts to be sent, do they require an essay? and applications have to be received prior to that date.

    Uh… yeah. And Robyn expects everyone to believe that they didn’t uproot and move four families for the sake of one college-aged kid – who is able to make solo vacation trips all on his own? Okayyyyyyyyyyy.

  2. I hope that this dysfunctional family especially the leach Kody does not return for another season. This man simply lives to live off of his wives and moves them around whenever it pleases him. He usually favors one over the other. It’s actually between Christine and Robyn. Enough of this junk already.

  3. Of course Robyn is gonna be the one to speak out about this instead of the other wives. Jenelle clearly was torn about leaving her grandchild. Meri she is feed up, christine really didnt want to move after finally getting established.
    Robyn was excited HER son was excepted to a college in AZ . Every time Robyn starts crying everything has to change to accommodate her tears. She should show more appreciation to Meri for her passing the “legal ” marriage onto her.
    Hell seems like robyn couldn’t WAIT for the opportunity to legally marry kody.
    When robyn offered meri the opportunity to have another child. Meri would of jumped on this but meri with the heart that she has stepped back and reviewed every outcome.
    Hell meri bearly finished her sentence and Robyn excepted. On top of that ROBYN wanted to even have a freaking wedding [even after saying a piece of paper means nothing ] so she sure did lie AND LIE PERIOD .
    Robyn is all about her her her and her kids along with her and kodys kids they had together. To be quiet frank “Robyn is so fake and one of those people who likes to hide behind her faith with no actions”
    I wanna know why Robyn got such a huge house? O yeah thats right Robyn wants [not need] to be the center of attention.
    I hope and pray kody finds a 5th wife.
    (I can already see Robyn throwing her tantrum and tears. And i hope when it happens she is such a beautiful loveing wife that set sobin Robyn in her place)

  4. I think they knew they were going o Flagstaff for Dayton. Think Robyn and Kody knew way before they let the others know.If this young man can travel across country to visit his Dad he will do fine.I think this is ROBYN’s way of having control.I think she is the favorite wife.I don’t think meri wanted to divorce Kody,but she got this sad story that if something happened to her the kids would be taken away from the Browns,and given Back to their father,The father didn’t seem to give a Darn when he was ask to give up his rights for the adoption.Then Robyn said she thought it was so important for the kids to have a good relationship with their father.Why didn’t Kody Divorce Robyn and not marry either one,that would be fair too all.Christine didn’t like it when she had to sign Christine Brown Single Women.One thing I can’t believe and think it is a joke,Kody standing crying because he can’t say bye to his beautiful homes that they had such great memories.He was the one that kept yelling wanted to be out of here by 10 no later than 11.He started this move,Let me say this is my opinion Robyn knew someway some how she was going to be where Dayton was.I understand,but there were other kids that needed things,what about Paton was lettting in sports and was going to Captain of the team.I think it is a horse and pony show.Thought it was great in the beginning but the longer it goes t goes south.Meri did wrong and I understand Kody should be upset,But what did she have after the divorce what did she get.NOTHING So she went south,but she has said over and over,How long can you beat someone when they are already beaten down.She loves Kody with her heart and soul.He needs to show her he cares as much about her as she does him.

    1. i agree with the fact he was going on about leaving their beautiful homes i was screaming at the tv like this was your f-ing idea to move ass

  5. No no no. Please not another season. It’s over. Dead. No one cares what this jacked up family does anymore

  6. Robyn is a lying, deceitful, passive-aggressive manipulator! Kody has allowed her to ruin what was once a beautiful, loving, caring family dynamic where all three wives were equally loved and cherished and where all the children were treated equally as well. From the day she joined the family, the dynamic changed. He courted her inappropriately to the culture. He kissed her before marriage, which was equal to having sex in the other wives’ minds. She has been demanding and two-faced since the beginning. This move was ABOUT her, FOR her, and ONLY for her desires. One day he will wake up and realize what he has allowed her to do, ruin his entire family when he wakes up by her side and has no one left but her and her children! That is what she is trying her best to do now. The other wives aren’t stupid! Meri is ready to bolt at any moment. Janelle is a beautiful, smart, independent woman who doesn’t need him, but I feel the worst for Christine. Christine is in love with Kody, she “wants the husband and the family”. She is doing all she can do to keep her marriage “fresh” and “relevant”. Robyn sees that and is doing her best to sabotage it. I pray Robyn doesn’t win out in the end!

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