‘RHOBH’: Kyle Richards Says She Still ‘Cares’ About Lisa Vanderpump And Ken Todd

RHOBH: Kyle Richards

RHOBH fans recall this season’s full of drama between Lisa Vanderpump and the other cast members over ‘PuppyGate.’ We saw Kyle Richards confront Lisa in her home, and Ken Todd coming to Lisa’s defense. Ken booted Kyle out the house and social media took sides.  Now, Kyle says she still “cares” for Lisa and Ken after videos, memes, and tweets about #GoodbyeKyle surfaced as she was seen walking past SUR since the confrontation.

RHOBH fans get a second take on Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, and Ken Todd

Kyle already talked about the big bust-up between her, Lisa, and Ken. TV Shows Ace reported on Kyle first addressing the issues on her Bravo Blog. “During the lunch with the other ladies, Kyle Richards admitted that Vanderpump could very well have planted the story. Defending her decision not to deny Lisa V.’s possible involvement, Kyle wrote …’I grappled with taking the easy way out OR telling the truth. I am not a liar.'”

Now, since many memes and tweets hit on video footage of Kyle walking past SUR after the incident, Kyle readdressed it again on Instagram Stories. On Sunday night (April 7), she posted up a long blurb about it. Once again, she revisited her motivation for confronting Lisa in the first place. In it she says, she never expected “to be having a conversation with both Lisa and Ken.” She expected a private talk with Lisa. She notes, as we already know, that Ken told her to leave saying “Goodbye Kyle.”

The #GoodbyeKyle ‘joke’ comes back to bite Kyle on Twitter

Walking past SUR after the RHOBH confrontation, Kyle says in her Story that she “joked” about “Goodbye Kyle” on her way to The Abbey. She says she’d rather laugh about life than “take it lying down.” However, following backlash from Team LVP and others, she notes that many comments suggest she just wants “Lisa off the show.” Kyle flatly denies that in her Insta Story, saying, “Lisa and I have had arguments in the past and never at any point did I want to do the show without Lisa.”

Kyle points out the argument happened seven months back. Plus, she thought RHOBH fans would appreciate her joking instead of banging on about a “man getting up in [her] face.”  Finally, Kyle says of the whole thing, “I have not taken that route intentionally, as regardless of what happened between Lisa, Ken, and me, I do care about them.

Fans react on Twitter to #GoodbyeKyle

Kyle Richards may be hardpressed to convince RHOBH‘s Team LVP supporters. Over on Twitter they still talk about it as a “joke” in poor taste. Here’s what just one of them, @Mit** said: “Kinda proves that #GoodbyeKyle really hit a nerve. Kyle will never live it down. She is shook. “Make it a joke” her publicist said, “turn it around on them”. Bad choice. This just reinforces exactly why Ken Todd said “Goodbye Kyle” in the 1st place. Kyle is NOT a smart woman.”

What do you think about Kyle Richards saying she still “cares” for Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd after the confrontation? Do you think the #GoodbyeKyle joke backfired on her? Have your say in the comments below.

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  1. I just don’t understand what she hoped to accomplish by going into her “friend’s” house and accusing her “friend” of being a liar. She shouldn’t be shocked she lost the friendship over it. If she’s so sure Lisa was behind this elaborate plot to make Dorit look bad, why does she even want to be friends with her? Bottom line, the storyline had NOTHING to do with Kyle but she inserted herself into it by asking LVP about the dog every chance she got even though LVP told her over and over again she did not want to talk about it! She was grieving her brother’s death and trying to focus on positive stuff and even tried to tell Kyle to set aside her feud with her sisters because life is too short but Kyle didn’t care about any of that and just wanted to keep bringing up the dog until all the other women heard about it. So, no, I do not think she cares one bit about Lisa and Ken. Sounds like she’s the one who cares more about her image.

    1. Kyle showed her true self with the snarky comments outside LVP and Ken’s business. She is a mean spirited person. I’ve always thought so. Talk about being manipulated, that group of women manipulated her into going there and calling LVP a liar. Kyle was the aggressor, Ken saw that LVP had hit her limit and told Kyle what the MAJORITY of RHOBH believe. And with her last stunt, You are beyond trying damage control.. ..GOODBYE KYLE!!!!

  2. Everybody needs to back off of Kyle, she was perfectly correct and what she did and everything she said and for fans to be cruel or horrible to Kyle on media social media is absolutely ridiculous. Kyle has always been one of my favorites on the show and has more class than anyone on the show. So I give praise and kudos to Kyle!!!!!!

    1. I agree with you Pamala. And her “joke” at La Sur was no big deal. Though people ran with it and made it a bigger deal. And it wasn’t mean. What’s mean are peoples comments. Lisa’s actions in the past warented suspicion. Kyle tried to address the situation and inform her of their suspicions. It went south. They don’t need to be friends for now. Maybe someday they will better understand each other and make amends maybe not. The fans are the mean ones. So angry and rude. There are more important things in life to get worked up about than these ladies friendship.

  3. Really Kyle that wasn’t a fun joke. You were just being mean and petty.
    But, then you always have been a pot stirrer you just refuse to lick your own spoon. If I had been LVP I would have tossed you in the water with the swans and yelled sink or swim. Now we all know why your sisters refuse to let you in their lives. You are such a backstabbing witch. Yes let’s all say it together.
    GOOD BYE KYLE!! And your lying crying friends.

  4. I have to think that Kyle regrets losing her friendship with LVP. They both have a fun, snarky wit, but Kyle is not a friend. This did not have to happen this way. By her walking into LVP’s home, carrying her bright pink purse, she was making a statement before she even got in the door. I have watched the scene three times. Ken did nothing wrong. If my friend came in my home and accused me of lying, did not believe me when I swore on my family, then did not leave when I told her to leave, I would expect my husband to step up and tell her to leave. Apparently Kyle is easily manipulated by everyone. Most of us LVP supporters do not want Kyle off the show. We want Kyle to confront Dorit who is the reason for this whole mess. And we are hoping that Lisa Vanderpump comes back to Beverly Hills Housewives.

  5. Did she tell Lisa it was a private conversation? Ken lives in the house also. It may have just started out that he was coming just to say Hello, or he heard the arguing and became concerned. Was he suppose to hide in a corner?. I do not blame him for being angry at Kyle and I myself feel she is pushed the envelope on how aggressive he was. He was probably shocked and hurt for his wife, and he was right, she is no friend. No he should not have pointed a finger at her but in the beginning , if you look back he was pointing to the ground. I have seen other housewives use the pointy finger! And yes Kyle you were manipulated. first by Rinna , then the group. Glad I will not be watching anymore as you tell the girls (as seen in previews) how “aggressive” Ken was. A true friend would have kept it to themselves and your hubby, not national TV. Shame on you Kyle

  6. Kyle,Faye,& the rest of her shabby little team “ outed” themselves as the jealous,petty,humor- impaired people they are( I mean,why not invite O.J. for old time’s sake- or Kim?)….
    BYE,KIM !

  7. Kyle making a joke of this just shows how shallow she is. Kyle will now spend her time putting Lisa and Ken down behind their backs. She will talk about how honest and what a great friend she was to Lisa.
    Too little too late. Mean girl syndrome!

  8. Well, doing the Goodbye Kyle video in front of SUR was definitely NOT going to mend the friendship. Very immature.

  9. The story always changes depending on who is in the room at the time of the conversation.
    Lets face it ……None of the ladies will leave for it more important that they keep bringing in that BROVO
    check of a couple hundred thousand a show and don’t forget the free trip anywhere in the world once a season
    They can wipe off a little mud here and there for that kind of payday….

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